the big bucket list

  • swim with dolphins [achieved]
  • marry the most amazing man on earth [achieved]
  • visit New York City
  • climb Ayers Rock [achieved]
  • snorkel in the waters of Fiji [achieved]
  • climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • walk Milford Sound
  • swim with sharks (great white/tiger/grey nurse)
  • swim with whale sharks
  • ride a Harley motorbike for a day
  • see the sights of Paris from the Eiffel Tower [achieved]
  • run a half marathon
  • knit something useful
  • drive a long road in a convertible Mustang
  • climb to Everest base camp
  • backpack through a foreign country
  • compete & complete a triathlon
  • visit Antarctica 
  • scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef [achieved]
  • climb Mt Kosciusko
  • join the mile high club
  • eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
  • compete at a national level in a sport [achieved]
  • eat in Australia’s best rated restaurant (currently Quay and Tetsuyas) [achieved]
  • meet one of my most inspiring people; Michelle Bridges
  • go on a push-bike holiday
  • read 100 books in a year
  • drink Moet & Chandon at their vineyard cellar door [achieved]
  • eat snake [achieved]
  • eat witchity grubs [achieved]
  • eat escargot
  • go on a not-speaking (Vipassana) retreat
  • do hands-on charity work [achieved & ongoing]
  • own a dog [achieved & ongoing]
  • visit my mother’s German birth place [achieved]
  • visit my father’s Kiwi birth place [achieved]
  • own my own house
  • ride the rapids in a seemingly out-of-control boat [achieved]
  • do a ‘Roar n Snore’ at Western Plains Zoo
  • get my Masters degree
  • go cow tipping [achieved]
  • reach my adult goal weight
  • go bungee jumping
  • go sky diving
  • see the Mona Lisa in real life [acheived]
  • visit Australia’s oldest tree [achieved]
  • hand-feed the monkeys in Bali [achieved]
  • feature in a magazine [achieved]
  • see all the “big” sights in Australia (eg; Big Banana, Big Guitar, Big Pineapple, etc) [in progress]
  • frame my own artwork
  • buy my own diamonds
  • climb a Swiss mountain [achieved]
always adding, always achieving…I am a work in progress!

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