waiting for wyrmwood | an aussie zombie movie

So my friend Mands’ friend Tristan is making a zombie movie with his brother. They started about 12 months ago and are progressing at a blood curdling scream (for an independent film). Because I frickin’ LOVE zombies and I’m a huge fan of supporting people’s dreams, especially when it comes to Aussie cinema, last yearContinue reading “waiting for wyrmwood | an aussie zombie movie”

week in instagram

my zombie family hanging out on my kitchen window! selfie coffee from Morso Harley bear swordfish carpaccio at Love.Fish Australia Day homemade salads Banoffi pie from Love.Fish homemade laksa breakfast parfait table view from Sugaroom Bar+Restaurant dinner club at Love.Fish with the Jacksons rainy out my window at work macabre pretty skull vodka our his+her’sContinue reading “week in instagram”

six fears

clowns. It’s basically Tamara’s fault. She made me watch Stephen King’s IT too young and I’ve been traumatized ever since. people I love dying. I think I’d just fall apart.  stick insects. I’m slowly getting over this fear but my automatic response is freakout!  my teeth falling out. I have nightmares about it and I wake up and haveContinue reading “six fears”