tightening the reins

Remember my New Years Resolution? Well it’s now March and I’m finding general life & eating fairly easy with the paleo way, however, I have noticed a few too many paleo treats creeping in and portion sizes creeping up, so I’m reading and listening to podcasts to realign myself. I have also let my regular intense exercise regime slip; mostly due to my ankle injury flaring up a bit but also because I’ve just been a little slack.

Time to tighten the reins!!!


weekly fitness roundup | week 1 | 12wbt

You know that feeling of accomplishment you get from sticking to a punishing schedule? Yes?!!! Well that’s what I felt like this past week being back on Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation program.

My calorie intake is capped at 1200 per day
I am doing 6 days training per week.

Here’s my round up….


Monday workout

6am outdoor training session; interval walk/run, running stairs, steps-ups & abs.

brekkie - banana bruschetta
brekkie – banana bruschetta
dinner - fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad
dinner – fish with chickpea, tomato & spinach salad

My BFF Gracie stayed the night & loved this dinner too! We’ve committed to doing the 5km Color Run in May in Newcastle! Isn’t she supportive?! Can’t wait!

dessert - fruit jelly
dessert – fruit jelly


Tuesday workout

6.15am Body Pump class at the gym.

brekkie - apple muesli
brekkie – apple muesli
steak with green beans & mushroom sauce
dinner – steak with green beans & mushroom sauce

This is one of my fave meals! The sauce looks creamy but it’s made of Philadelphia extra light cream cheese for cooking, dijon mustard & mushrooms – and only 283 calories – yum!!!

dessert - fruit salad
dessert – fruit salad


Wednesday workout

6am outdoor interval walk/run & abs

brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert
brekkie, coffee, dinner & dessert

brekkie – avocado & eggs on toast
dinner – potato, spinach & feta frittata
dessert – fruit jelly


Thursday workout
Thursday workout

6.15am Pump class

macchiato & brekkie
macchiato & brekkie – avocado, beans & rocket on toast
dinner & Valentine's Day dessert
dinner – beef with avocado & corn salsa & mini-cheesecake bite for Valentine’s Day dessert


Exercise Rest Day!!!

brekkie, lunch & dinner
brekkie, lunch & dinner

brekkie – banana bruschetta
lunch – mushroom frittata & salad
dinner – pita pocket pizza


Saturday workout
Saturday workout

The aim was to burn 1000 calories but this tough workout got interrupted by a thunderous storm that forced us shivering & completely drenched, in white t-shirts, running the 1.5kms back to the car!

brekkie – eggs, ham, tomato, cottage cheese & spinach
lunch – pumpkin, avocado, chickpea salad
dinner - Japanese
dinner – Japanese


Sunday workout
Sunday workout

Body Balance class. Jay even came with me & loved it!!!

brunch – coffee & pumpkin, walnut & chicken salad
dinner – homemade beef burger & wedges

Keep training hard!!!

fitspiration friday

While my slipped disc injury is getting better, I haven’t been doing much exercise other than gentle walking, but in true Fitspiration Friday let’s look at some amazing transformation photos from some devotees of
Michelle Bridges 12WBT program.

All pictures from Michelle Bridges 12WBT.
Join the revolution [here]

Amazing & inspirational, right!?!

12WBT | week one

Week one is complete!

my week in food & exercise:

Monday food

Monday exercise, 6am: First serious morning workout – head to the park with Jay & Harley for 5 min warm up, 15 min interval running, 50m interval running with pushups, squats, jumps (x 6 repeats).

Tuesday food

Tuesday exercise, 6.30am: Body Pump class @ gym (with Jay & Neen). I love this feeling!

Wednesday food

Wednesday exercise, 6.15am: Jay, Harley & I meet Neen & Ian down the park for a repeat of Monday’s workout – 5 min warm up, 15 min interval running, 50m interval running with pushups, squats, jumps (x 6 repeats)

Thursday food

Thursday exercise, 6.30am: this morning is a struggle as I’m feeling tired but Body Pump @ the gym with Jay & Neen quickly sorts me out. Some of the Aussie Olympic Swim Team is doing a stretching session outside of our workout class (Eamon Sullivan, Geoff Huegill, Andrew Lauterstein & James Magnussen)! Now that’s inspiring!

Friday food

Friday exercise, 5.30pm: Body Balance @ the gym. It’s much harder than I expected. A blend of yoga, tai chi & pilates. I am twisted & challenged into positions that I didn’t even think could be done! The instructor is nice and helps me through with less-advanced options. Afterwards a couple of class members come up and let me know that it gets easier after about 5 classes. Good to know!

Saturday food

Saturday exercise, 9.30am: Super Saturday Session (SSS) aims at burning a target of 1000 calories….whoa! I do 2kms on the bike, then Jay & I do Body Combat class @ the gym. IT IS HARDCORE. High intensity cardio through combination of shadow boxing and kick boxing. I am red & dripping with sweat when we finish but I’ve blasted 700+ cals! We get home and take Harley out for a walk/run around the harbour. Another 400+ cals burnt and I’m done for the day! Total of 1326 calories smashed!

Sunday food

Sunday = rest day (I’ve earned it!) & weigh-in. Lost 2.4kgs this week!!!

summary from my Polar download
  • 3762 calories burnt
  • 8 training sessions
  • 6:12 hours spent exercising
Week 2 update on Monday 26th Sept

melly gets real about…..fitness & weightloss

Generally speaking I would class myself as a happy person.

I am more often than not confident and comfortable with myself. 

But there are things that I want to change. Namely my diet & exercise. I know that I dress nicely and carry my weight well. But if I am honest with myself, which I am being, I am overweight.

So I am doing something about it. Seriously.

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

Firstly, I made a commitment to Michelle Bridges 12WBT overhaul; 12 weeks of fitness, diet and mindset training by the powerhouse woman herself (Australia’s Biggest Loser trainer, fitness author, fitness guru etc etc). I’ve paid the fee to have her as my very own online personal trainer & #1 supporter. It’s hardcore; 6 days a week training.

Secondly, I’m working through her month-long pre-season readiness tasks to ensure that I am 100% ready to begin and get my arse kicked (I’ll elaborate more on the preseason tasks over the next couple of weeks). We’ve just started on Week 3 and I will start the actual program on 12th September.

Thirdly, I’ve invested in new fitness equipment – I’ve bought myself a new pair of Brooks trainers, two new workout tights and a Polar heart-rate/fitness tracking monitor (the FT60) which will all help me work out better (if I look stylish, I’ll be able to take myself out in public! and if I can track my calories in & out more easily, bonus)!

my new Brooks Glycerin 9 runners
Polar FT60

Lastly (before I actually get on with it), I’m professing it to the world via my blog. I share so much on my blog (including the most random and mundanest of thoughts and actions) that it seems hypocritical for me not to write about it. It will also keep me accountable and motivated. This is me committing to the end goal. I will lose 30kgs in the next 12 months. I am acknowledging that I’ve been overeating for the last 10 years and not exercising enough and I am ready to get ultra fit and lose weight while doing it. I will be able to run 5kms without stopping! I will fit into a size 12 pair of Levis! And I am committed to do the hard work to get me there. 

I will also be updating my progress on a weekly basis here on my blog.

This is my handshake. I am and will be as good as my word.

for more info on the wonder woman herself, visit Michelle Bridges site here 

Michelle Bridges