if Daryl dies, we riot

Dear Writers of The Walking Dead, If Daryl Dixon dies, we RIOT! Please feel free to kill these other characters in sacrifice… Three more episodes left of Walking Dead Season 3!!! I love Daryl Dixon. I do not like The Governor, Charlie from Revolution, Elena from The Vampire Diaries, Heidi & Spencer Pratt (they can’t […]

two birds with one bullet

 [via] I love Modern Family. I watch laughing so hard tears roll down my face! Every single character is hilarious but I think the best lines come from Gloria. Here are my top 11 fave Gloria quotes aka Gloriaisms aka the world according to Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: Manny: “I wanna be home schooled.” Gloria: “Really, Manny? […]

what’s on the box

Recently in response to a [post] where I reminisced about a 90’s band Color Me Badd, my blogging friend [visit his blog here] mentioned that the States don’t get any Aussie TV shows. That really doesn’t surprise me, considering the plethora of television shows in the US, but it is sad because if you haven’t visited Australia or […]