happy friday

I have never been so happy to see Friday come around! This week has been so hectic that I am really looking forward to the weekend.

I kicked off a new project this week; an 8 month security firewall assurance assessment for one of Australia’s largest Telcos and, I’ve been dragged back into a remediation project for the media-customer who I just completed an 18 month project shortly before Xmas. I’m not allowing myself to be stressed but I am definitely brain-drained!

Summary of my training this week:

Monday – 50 minute 5km walk/run with Harley
Tuesday – 50 minute 5km walk/run with Harley
Wednesday – 25 minute run home (4kms) from work (with a 7kg backpack!)
Friday – 1 hour boxing at the gym with Neen 

Next week is the final pre-season week before we commence Round 1, 2012 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I am a lot less excited than I was before Round 3, 2011 only because I know what to expect – 6 days a week training, extremely clean eating. Don’t get me wrong, I am pumped to begin! It’s just I don’t have that feeling of trepidation/excited-nervousness that I had when I did it for the first time last year.

I am definitely 100% committed; my goal over the next 3 months is to:

  • lose between 10-12kgs (22-26lbs), 
  • run 8kms non-stop and, 
  • drop another dress/jeans size! 

I am going to focus on my running and weights training. I really want to define my arms and thighs.

Melly (January 2012)

Food this week

I ate some great grub this week!

Tuesday - Vietnamese Duck Salad

We had our first Dinner Club for 2012 with the Jacksons at Pho Quoc in Cabramatta. I’m going to post about it later but this was one of the yummy fresh dishes we ate.

Wednesday - Yu Sheng

On Wednesday a group of us from work (Jeff K, Bianca, Jeff L, Geoff & Eric) had a special dish, only served during Chinese New Year, at Kopitiam Cafe in Ultimo. It was interactive & fun!

Wednesday Stirfry

Wednesday night I made a variation of Mish Bridges’ recipe with chicken (marinated in sweet soy, fresh garlic & ginger), broccolini, baby yellow squash (Im forcing myself to learn to like them), snowpeas & chilli served with rice.

Thursday - pumpkin with chicken soup

It was cold & rainy last night and all I wanted was pasta, but I was a good girl and didn’t carbo-load, instead I made fresh pumpkin soup and topped it with a little shredded roast chicken. Yum!

Happy Friday peeps & have a fantastic weekend!