monkey mya | restaurant review

Where: Monkey Mya, 346 Victoria St, Darlinghurst Why: February Dinner Club with the Jacksons Earlier in the month we walked past a rowdy and funky looking Monkey Mya which Jay immediately vowed to return for his Dinner Club pick later that month… ♦♦♦♦♦ It’s 7 o’clock Tuesday night and parking is a bitch in Darlinghurst.Continue reading “monkey mya | restaurant review”

the stuff up & the review

The Situation Last Sunday was Jay & my sixth wedding anniversary. It was also a wonderfully long weekend; with a day off work on Friday and a public holiday (thanks Queen Elizabeth!) on Monday. The Drama I love festivals and Jay & I have done a few things as part of the Sydney Fringe FestivalContinue reading “the stuff up & the review”