12wbt | week 3 in review

Hells to the yeah people! Week 3 done & dusted!

Monday (day15)

Monday workout calories burnt

5km walk/run with Harley & Jay.

Tuesday (day16)

Tuesday workout calories burnt

Uber workout at the gym:

  • 5 min warmup on the Xtrainer
  • 5 sets x 15 reps Legpress 60Kgs
  • 3 sets (per leg) single leg lunges x 15 reps holding 15kg barbell
  • 3 sets (per leg) single hamstring/glute extenders x 15 reps 25kgs
  • 3 sets x 15 reps chest press 20kgs
  • 3 sets x 15 reps overhead shoulder press 7.5kgs
  • 3 sets x 20 reps bicep curls 17.5kgs3 sets x 20 reps tricep dips
  • 3 sets x 15 reps back rows 25kgs
  • Abs
  • stretching & roller

Wednesday (day17)

Wednesday workout calories burnt

Boxing workout in the park with Jay as my trainer! (boxing drills, foot work, head movement, pyramid circuit, combos & sparring.)

our boxing tree

Thursday (day18)

Thursday workout calories burnt

I enjoyed our boxing workout from the day before so much I dragged Jay to the park to let me use him as a punching bag my boxing trainer again!

Friday (day19)

Friday workout calories burnt

Keeping it low-key before Sunday’s race day with a 5km walk with my buddy Harley.

Friday morning on the habour

Saturday (day20)

Rest day!

Sunday (day21)

Sunday workout calories burnt

Blackmores body+soul 9km Bridge Run was tough but so much fun!

   Monday (day15)

Monday food

Brekkie: cereal with peaches & skim milk
Lunch: chicken stirfry with rice & an apple
Dinner: BBQ chicken with veggies & salad

Tuesday (day16)

Tuesday food

Brekkie: quinoa & linseed sourdough with avocado
Lunch: salad
Dinner: BBQ chicken with salad & rye bread

Wednesday (day17)

Wednesday food

Brekkie: avocado, rocket & egg on toast
Lunch (not pictured): Cafe grilled chicken burger
Dinner: grilled chicken, corn & zucchini with lettuce

Thursday (day18)

Thursday food

Brekkie: the best protein smoothie with mango & banana
Lunch: wok noodles
Dinner (not pictured): homemade 12WBT spaghetti bolognese (beef & lentils) 

*regretting this carb overload!!!

Friday (day19)

Friday food

Brekkie: another awesome smoothie (whey protein, mango, banana & skim milk)
Lunch: salad & chicken
Dinner (not pictured): out with friends bar snack food + 3 glasses of wine

Saturday (day20)

Saturday food

Brekkie: rye bread with Promite & Laughing Cow cream cheese
Lunch: the awesomest vegan salads from Iku Wholefoods (obsessed!)
Dinner (not pictured): a little indulgent treat meal from Grill’d Burger

Sunday (day21)

Sunday food

Brekkie (not pictured): banana
Lunch: grilled chicken, veggies & salad
Dinner: low-calorie Tandoori pizza (looks good for 300 cals doesnt it!?!?)


Looking forward to the upcoming Week4 fitness tests & measurements!

the day before

My Saturday started with a 7am airport run to drop my BFF Gracie off for her trip to Yackandandah for her sister’s 30th/engagement party.

Jay continuously makes me laugh (lucky I married him)!

No husband, I didn’t pick these from ‘the side of the road’. We don’t live on the hillsides of Switzerland!

After brekkie we caught the light-rail into the city to pick up our event packs for the Bridge Run which is part of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

I haven’t actually run a full 9kms (5.6 miles) without stopping before….and I’m nursing a foot/knee injury, so I’ll take it easy and see if I can jog the whole thing! 

event pack

Nothing too special in the event pack with the exception of the Mrs May’s Trio natural bars which are to die for! In Australia you can buy them from Coles, Woolworths & IGA. From the event stand I bought a deflatable water bottle and shoe money/key/ID holder which are totes awesome!

Run start (bottom of the grass area) at Milsons Point


the north side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney CBD in the distance)


the Bridge is closed down from 4am-11am for the runners


I’m excited about running tomorrow because it was one of my 12WBT 4 week goals; to do a fun run! Tick!

While we were in the city we did a bit of shopping in Pitt St Mall & had lunch in  Westfield. I blew invested my allowance at Sportsgirl, Forecast & Myer on some colour block pieces, before we had a delicious & nutritious lunch at Iku Wholefood which I am completely obsessed with!

shopping & tweeting isn’t recommended!
Cobalt Forecast Blazer, Chartreuse Sportsgirl Peplum Top & Trent Nathan Orange Enamel Cuff
Lunch – brown rice, pickled cabbage, leafy greens, white beans & Mediterranean couscous with tahini vinegarette (vegan)
It would appear I am also obsessed with Twitter…

I bought some extra brown rice & white bean salad to have with grilled chicken for dinner tonight. We’ve got a quiet night in with an early bedtime as it’s race day tomorrow!!!

Saturday 14th September 2012 sunset over Blackwattle Bay/ANZAC Bridge – view from my loungroom

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!