chicken, sweet potato & pinenut frittata | recipe

 Chicken, sweet potato, mushroom & pinenut tartlet  Chicken, mushroom, pinenut & sage tartlet I got inspired to do some last weekend for the week’s meals ahead! Here is the recipe for my original creation! CHICKEN, SWEET POTATO & PINENUT FRITTATA INGREDIENTS 4 eggs ½ cup light cream ½ cup grated cheese (Havarti is good) 1Continue reading “chicken, sweet potato & pinenut frittata | recipe”

recipe | beef & sweet potato fritters w grilled asparagus & balsamic tomatoes

I’ve been experimenting with low calorie recipes in readiness for the 12WBT recipe competition. According to the hubby this is the best one yet! Beef & sweet potato fritters with asparagus & balsamic tomatoes Ingredients 500g lean beef mince 1 large brown onion, finely diced 2 tsps Tuscan herbs (like oregano, thyme, etc) 400g sweet potato (akaContinue reading “recipe | beef & sweet potato fritters w grilled asparagus & balsamic tomatoes”