we’re all superheroes

I must admit I’m a bit of a joiner. I’ll join sports teams, books clubs, Instagram challenges, cooking competitions, even a really long line at a public toilet but most of all I’m a sucker to join a good cause. I recently let my Greenpeace membership lapse and we’ve been a supporter of UNHCR’s RefugeeContinue reading “we’re all superheroes”

a question a day in may | one

My darling friend and fellow blogger Neen has challenged me to a blogging game; A question a day in May! She’s posed 31 questions for me to answer & post each day in May. Day 1 question If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?  There are so many thingsContinue reading “a question a day in may | one”

be super nice!

Make a mixed CD for a friend. Give flowers to the host next time you’re at someone’s house. Tell a loved one how much you appreciate them. Hold the door for someone. Give a $ note to the homeless. Let someone jump ahead of you in line. Compliment a total stranger. Send someone a small gift anonymously.Continue reading “be super nice!”

the secret life of bees

I am a bee keeper.  Well, that’s an exaggeration, but I have little bees that visit my lavender pot each day, and sometimes I am fortunate enough to be able to watch them; buzzing around in their black and yellow striped glory, on their recon mission to seek & pollinate.  They’re not just any bees –Continue reading “the secret life of bees”

amazing david attenborough

Next on my list during Melly’s Fan Week…..Sir David Attenborough….Can you believe that this brilliant man is 84 years old?  I first started watching him on the “Life” series & “Living Planet” doco with my Dad when I was a little girl in the 80s. Under his influence, my love & respect for animals and the environmentContinue reading “amazing david attenborough”

to my future self

Dear future Melly, I hope you are being socially and environmentally responsible. I hope you have tried hard to be more altruistic in your life, rather than thinking only about yourself (what can I buy, how can I get ahead, who have I cut in on to get to where I want to go). As necessary as introspectionContinue reading “to my future self”