a question a day in may | eight

day 8 question

What characteristic do you most dislike?

Let’s assume that this question is asking about a personality trait that I dislike. That would have to be unfriendliness.

There are many personality traits I find unpleasant; like stinginess (eg ungiving, scanty or meager), extreme arrogance and impoliteness but above all I find it difficult to be nice to people who are surly.

It’s commonly known that you make your first impression to people within the first 3 seconds, so if you meet or interact with someone who doesn’t smile, has a permanent scowl on their face and generally just looks like their about to drag you into their shit bucket with them, I just shut down.

I don’t think that everyone has to be a composure of robotic smiley-ness but greeting someone with politeness is a courtesy that we seem to be losing in this day and age.