full throttle with shift60

Saturday I was up at the dawn’s crack to trek out to Bondi (and by trek I fully mean the 15 minutes it took to get there at that time of day; being 6am) to meet up with Andrew Reid aka Reidy for a 12WBT “SSS” Super Saturday Session.

Through his blog I entered a comp to train with the Bondi Lifeguard at his regular gym Shift60.

Lifeguard Reidy - pic from his blog (no, he doesnt really have 6 arms!)
Reidy smashing the Shift60 run! (photo source: Shift60.com.au)

The gym is run by two brothers (Nick & Damien) and the premise sounds fairly generic – interval training for 1 hour, but its actually anything but.

Damien is the personal trainer who talks the group, which is limited at around 16 give or take, through 60 minutes of fitness blasting! I did Full Throttle which is ‘circuit’ of treadmill running & super-sets of core, back/shoulders/arm and leg strength training.

This video explains it much better than I can!

And you can read about Reidy’s week 6 post which includes my Sat session with him!

Week 6, Halfway and Learning to Fly

And here is my results from the 60 minute session 

I’ll leave you with this one last video which is pretty damn funny & shows the guys as being super larrikins as well as serious fitness experts.