grill’d | burger review

Those who know me, know I love a good burger. I could go so far as to say burgers are one of my favourite foods! Janine was in amazement when I told her I had never heard of Grill’d Burgers before considering there is one right near us in Darling Harbour (having since gone there,Continue reading “grill’d | burger review”

movida | melbourne restaurant review by Neen

We had a lot of expectations for this restaurant and Neen being a fabulous wordsmith was tasked with conveying it to blog. Here is her review, reposted from her blog. ≈≈≈≈≈ Dinner at MoVida One of the things I was most looking forward to about our long weekend in Melbourne, was dining at MoVida. I’ve always heardContinue reading “movida | melbourne restaurant review by Neen”

spicy fish | melbourne restaurant review

Our flight home having been delayed by the Chilean volcanic ash cloud, we made the most of our additional day/night in Melbourne. While Nath & Mandy loved it up in their hotel room, the Jacksons & the Williams rocked on down to Chinatown for dinner. I don’t usually eat Chinese food but the group decisionContinue reading “spicy fish | melbourne restaurant review”

bottega | melbourne restaurant review

Oh.My.Gosh. That is what myself and my fellow dinner guests profusely exclaimed throughout our dining experience at Bottega in Melbourne last week… After reading a great review from Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine, I ate at the acclaimed modern Italian restaurant Bottega when I was in Melbourne last year for a girls shopping weekend with Mum and AuntieContinue reading “bottega | melbourne restaurant review”

restaurant review | Raffinato, Pyrmont

Jay keeps me on a strict monthly entertainment budget, so to get the most out of it, I buy deals though Ourdeal or Cudo or LivingSocial. I bought a dinner deal for new restaurant Raffinato Italian Restaurant in Pyrmont (the old Spanish tapas restaurant site next to Furisato on Harris St) a few months agoContinue reading “restaurant review | Raffinato, Pyrmont”


I’ve spoken frequently about our favourite breakfast cafe in Glebe. It’s called Fundamental Food Flaminn. We usually walk there for a lazy weekend brekkie with our little monster Harley, getting the paper along the way. By the time we actually get there, it’s more like brunch. Harley sits under the table while everyone who walks past stopsContinue reading “triple-f”

Radio Cairo | restaurant review

It was a rainy & unseasonably cold mid-week night in March when the Jacksons & the Williams headed out over the Bridge for this year’s Dinner Club # 3. We were down for Jay’s pick; Radio Cairo a Moroccan/South African restaurant in Cremorne. The restaurant has full frontal windows facing the street so you can seeContinue reading “Radio Cairo | restaurant review”

Agavé Restaurante | review

A long overdue Date Night with my husband started with a couple of fantastic cocktails at The Bentley in Surry Hills — an ultra dirty Ketel One vodka Martini for me and an Old Fashioned for Jay. Seriously one of the best martinis I’ve had yet! Our choice of restaurant came from a deal throughContinue reading “Agavé Restaurante | review”

Baroque | dinner with the girls

My third visit to Baroque came courtesy of a night out with the girls. Mandy and I met after work at Odyssey Wine Bar for a pre-dinner drink  and catchup before heading over to meet Neen and Alissa for dinner. I am a huge fan of French cuisine. I love the robust yet simple flavours and the wayContinue reading “Baroque | dinner with the girls”

Sandbar Cafe | Newcastle

Growing up a Novocastrian it’s a treat to get back there at any time, but on a warm & sunny Sunday afternoon for a lazy lunch with friends and family; you can’t get better! It feels like I’m on a seaside holiday! We’re at Sandbar Cafe, a casual restaurant that’s located next to the iconic Noah’sContinue reading “Sandbar Cafe | Newcastle”