dinner club | june

For juicy dinner club in June, Jay chose a little cheap eats Mexican Cantina Y Barra in Surry Hills called El Loco which is located in the Excelsior pub. Jay & I meet Ian & Janine there mid-week after work and fail to get a seat inside, it’s freezing but thankfully there are outdoor heatersContinue reading “dinner club | june”

Phu Quoc | Vietnamese restaurant review

It’s kind of a joke around Sydney that unless you either live or work in Cabramatta, you don’t go to Cabramatta. You see, Cabramatta has a gang problem. You don’t hear too much about it in the news these days but the undercurrent is still there. When we arrive at 7pm the main street ofContinue reading “Phu Quoc | Vietnamese restaurant review”

monkey mya | restaurant review

Where: Monkey Mya, 346 Victoria St, Darlinghurst Why: February Dinner Club with the Jacksons Earlier in the month we walked past a rowdy and funky looking Monkey Mya which Jay immediately vowed to return for his Dinner Club pick later that month… ♦♦♦♦♦ It’s 7 o’clock Tuesday night and parking is a bitch in Darlinghurst.Continue reading “monkey mya | restaurant review”

Emon | restaurant review

For Janine’s dinner club in November we went for Japanese in Surry Hills at Emon. picture credit: here It’s a small but cute little Japanese diner on busy Cleveland Street. The food is authentic and arrives at the table really quickly. The little Japanese waitress is so friendly and is full of recommendations. Janine &Continue reading “Emon | restaurant review”

morena | restaurant review

The ninth Dinner Club of the year with the Jacksons took us to try the latest Sydney foodie obsession – Latin American cuisine at Morena in Surry Hills. Having read a review by Good Living in the SMH which gave it 13/20, I admit I was dubious with Ian’s choice. But I needn’t be. It wasContinue reading “morena | restaurant review”

Baffi & Mo | cafe review

When it comes to food, I like variety. I love trying new cuisines, new cafes & restaurants and when dining at the same place, I always try something different from the menu, especially for breakfast (unlike my husband who always has the Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs). So after reading about Baffi & Mo inContinue reading “Baffi & Mo | cafe review”

the stuff up & the review

The Situation Last Sunday was Jay & my sixth wedding anniversary. It was also a wonderfully long weekend; with a day off work on Friday and a public holiday (thanks Queen Elizabeth!) on Monday. The Drama I love festivals and Jay & I have done a few things as part of the Sydney Fringe FestivalContinue reading “the stuff up & the review”

Dedes | restaurant review

Nothing gets me more irate than bad service. When you’re paying good, hard earned money for service you expect polite courteous behavior or at a minimum, general decency.  So I had a feeling that we were in for an unpleasant evening when the maitre’d snootily snorted a forced greeting on arrival at Dedes restaurant in Abbotsford. IContinue reading “Dedes | restaurant review”

ripples, milsons point | restaurant review

It’s a grainy shot…that’s what happens when you use your phone at night! But you get the picture…the Harbour Bridge and Sydney city is beautiful. The 2011 Dinner Club story so far: January: Oceans Eleven, Five Dock ♦♦♦♦ February: Spice Temple, Sydney ♦♦♦ March: Radio Cairo, Cremorne ♦ April: Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain ♦♦♦♦ May: Porteno, Surry Hills ♦ June: TheContinue reading “ripples, milsons point | restaurant review”

mr tulk | melbourne cafe review

Three weeks ago today I was eating breakfast with 5 of my favourite people in a little cafe at the bottom of the majestic Victorian State Library in the state’s capital. Mr Tulk cafe was recommended to us by the concierge at our hotel and we were happy to his advice. This is a trendy little cafe;Continue reading “mr tulk | melbourne cafe review”