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You wouldn’t know it’s approaching winter here in Sydney. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for days and today the top temp was 30°C (86°F)!
Gorgeous weather people, which is making me very happy indeed!

Here’s what I got up to in the past week…

introducing Mr & Mrs Basu Roy; Shookie & Raj
introducing Mr & Mrs Basu Roy; Shookie & Raj
photo booth fun! Jay, me, Geoff & Mich
photo booth fun! Jay, me, Geoff & Mich
Mum & Harley
my gorgeous Mum & Harley
mmmm foooood!
mmmm foooood! steak with balsamic onions and goats feta, tomato & avocado salad
flags at half-mast; celebrating & remembering the troops on ANZAC day
Harley got featured on @instas_cutest_pet
Harley got featured on @instas_cutest_pet because he’s so damn cute!
my favourite perfume
liquid gold…my favourite perfume
running with Harley - he's the black dot way up ahead! And yes that's the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
morning run with Harley – he’s the black dot way up ahead! Yep, that’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
tunes on the car stereo; the awesome Chet Faker
tunes on the car stereo; the awesome Chet Faker
eggcellent! mucking around with the dirty dozen...
eggcellent! mucking around with the dirty dozen…
solid workout
my buddy Harley
my buddy Harley
today's lacy outfit
today’s lacy outfit

Happy Weekend!


what a week

Hello, sleep? this is Melly. I’m ready for you now!


I can barely keep my eyelids open as I write this. Hectic week… Jay was in Melbourne for work which meant keeping a house full of rolling guests (one lot departed as another arrived) entertained came down to me (thank God for the delights of Harley the born entertainer)!

20130308235929792Acting like big kids with Danny. My goofy favourite uncle!
Tuesday night we stayed til closing at the local Thai restaurant
drinking wine and talking.
Wednesday night we drank cocktails & shared sundaes with the sparkling city backdrop behind us…

20130310121842839 I managed to get a couple of solid workouts in!

20130310120612745 Reading love poetry & playing with a new filter…

20130310123459098 Still so obsessed with salads;
zucchini flowers
rocket, apple, walnuts & feta
spinach, pumpkin, beetroot, lentils & feta

20130307180956194 cocktails with colleagues


and a few more with friends


how can you not when your city shows off weather like this?!!
[pic via]

20130310120911423 Jay’s home! Saturday date night; Dreams In White play in Darlinghurst.

20130310121022513 And of course my little Harley boy…the fluffy love of our lives!

The last of our guests left this morning,
so now it’s time to do the washing & get back into our routine.
But first a little nap in the sun…

Happy Sunday!

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a week with instagram

Pictures posted to Instagram this week
[thisismelly on instagram]

Monday breakfast at a client site
Monday evening margaritas on our balcony
Tuesday Halloween decorations in a pub window
Tuesday walking home from boxing with Jay
Wednesday lunch
Thursday breakfast
Thursday sunset over the bay
Thursday night dinner
Friday morning boxing on the harbour
Friday flower garden in the town square
Saturday food truck
Saturday shelling broadbeans for lunch
Saturday stroll along the bay

*as a side note to the picture of my boxing gear on the harbour above; during this workout I slipped a disc in my lower back! Ive been laid flat out for the last 2 days in total agony, leaving the house to go to the physio and for gentle strolls. I’ll be back to normal soon, but man, it has been the most excruciating pain in my life!

three days…

…til True Blood Season 4

til then here are;

three pictures of Alexander Skarsgård

Skarsgård for Interview Magazine June2011
Skarsgård for GQ Magazine June2011
Alexander Skarsgård

three pictures of Anna Paquin

Paquin for Stella Magazine
Paquin for Nylon Magazine
Anna Paquin

three pictures of Stephen Moyer

Moyer for Details Magazine
Moyer for Entertainment Weekly
Moyer for Playboy

three pictures of Ryan Kwanten

Kwanten for GQ Magazine
Ryan Kwanten
Kwanten for SMH interview

three pictures of Joe Manganiello

Manganiello for People Magazine
Manganiello for Interview Magazine
Joe Manganiello

three pictures of Rutina Wesley

Wesley for Esquire Magazine
Wesley for Edge Magazine
Wesley for King Magazine

three pictures of Deborah Ann Woll

Woll for H Magazine
Woll for MarkT Beauty
Woll for H Magazine

the totally cool karla & her closet

I am obsessively trawling through the blog of Karla Deras, a 20 year old fashion student living in LA.

I love her edgy style; a mix of designer and vintage threads with a splash of quirk. She’s collaborated with Coach on a new handbag, she uses herself to model her clothes, she has some cool ink and she’s fast becoming a well regarded online fashion stylist.

She is cool with a capital C.

If you haven’t already, check her out.

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