wild coast, NZ

today we hiked over a mountain to the most beautiful, remote & rugged shore. near Jackson’s Bay, on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, we discovered wild blue ocean waves, foaming white as they crashed into the rocks stoically standing along the shore. my husband has been teaching me to drone. he hasContinue reading “wild coast, NZ”

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

there is something spiritual about floating on a glacier lagoon, air so cool and crisp it literally takes your breath away. once we made it away from the shore and the rubber dinghy’s engine cut, it was silence… interspersed by the occasional call of birds overhead and the cracking of the icebergs as they swayed,Continue reading “Jökulsárlón, Iceland”

instaweek | my week in instagram

You wouldn’t know it’s approaching winter here in Sydney. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for days and today the top temp was 30°C (86°F)! Gorgeous weather people, which is making me very happy indeed! Here’s what I got up to in the past week… Happy Weekend! xox

what a week

Hello, sleep? this is Melly. I’m ready for you now! I can barely keep my eyelids open as I write this. Hectic week… Jay was in Melbourne for work which meant keeping a house full of rolling guests (one lot departed as another arrived) entertained came down to me (thank God for the delights ofContinue reading “what a week”

a week with instagram

Pictures posted to Instagram this week [thisismelly on instagram] L-R Monday breakfast at a client site Monday evening margaritas on our balcony Tuesday Halloween decorations in a pub window Tuesday walking home from boxing with Jay Wednesday lunch Thursday breakfast Thursday sunset over the bay Thursday night dinner Friday morning boxing on the harbour FridayContinue reading “a week with instagram”

three days…

…til True Blood Season 4 til then here are; three pictures of Alexander Skarsgård three pictures of Anna Paquin three pictures of Stephen Moyer three pictures of Ryan Kwanten three pictures of Joe Manganiello three pictures of Rutina Wesley three pictures of Deborah Ann Woll ♥