thirty six trips around the sun

Today is my last as a 35 year old. While I don’t usually get philosophical about birthdays, I would like to reflect on my last rotation around the sun… This past year has seen a lot of change in my life and realisation of what changes need to be made in order to reach my/ourContinue reading “thirty six trips around the sun”

sparkles, bubbles & girlfriends

I had a most delicious weekend with two of my oldest & dearest friends. I’ve known Tam since we were in grade 3 and Gracie since grade 5. Anytime we get together it’s simply soul cleansing fun. It was Tam’s birthday last week and Gracie’s birthday in a couple of weeks, so we  had someContinue reading “sparkles, bubbles & girlfriends”

week in instagram

I had the most shocking work week last week. Working on a project for the Government meant I was hijacked into their End of Financial Year hurricane; resulting in zero time to blog but I still managed to have a little fun with a fairly full social calendar! Here’s what I got up to, courtesyContinue reading “week in instagram”

instaweek | my week in instagram

You wouldn’t know it’s approaching winter here in Sydney. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for days and today the top temp was 30°C (86°F)! Gorgeous weather people, which is making me very happy indeed! Here’s what I got up to in the past week… Happy Weekend! xox

book wreath | christmas how to

Imagine this; it’s 11pm on a Saturday night and we’ve just left a friends birthday dinner and decide to pop into the nearby supermarket to pick up some brekkie items. I’m scuttling around in my heels on the unfamiliar isles (it’s not my local) trying to find bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese, etc and thenContinue reading “book wreath | christmas how to”