what’s on the box

Recently in response to a [post] where I reminisced about a 90’s band Color Me Badd, my blogging friend [visit his blog here] mentioned that the States don’t get any Aussie TV shows. That really doesn’t surprise me, considering the plethora of television shows in the US, but it is sad because if you haven’t visited Australia orContinue reading “what’s on the box”

rolador | cafe review

I had a fabulous weekend up around my childhood hometown; Newcastle. My BFF Gracie lives in Wickham which is a suburb of ‘Newy’ and after an intense few hours of wedding dress shopping (for her May 2012 nuptials to the fabulous Robert), the bride-to-be, Trina & I stopped into Rolador on Beaumont St Hamilton forContinue reading “rolador | cafe review”

Sandbar Cafe | Newcastle

Growing up a Novocastrian it’s a treat to get back there at any time, but on a warm & sunny Sunday afternoon for a lazy lunch with friends and family; you can’t get better! It feels like I’m on a seaside holiday! We’re at Sandbar Cafe, a casual restaurant that’s located next to the iconic Noah’sContinue reading “Sandbar Cafe | Newcastle”