extremely loud and incredibly close

JOY! Isn’t that how you feel when you find out that one of your favourite books is going to be a feature film? Well, that’s how I feel.  For the moment, it doesn’t matter if the film lives up to the book (it usually never does) but that anticipation when your imagination envisages how it […]

throwback thursday | Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Even though I’ve posted today already, I can’t pass up an opportunity for a Throwback Thursday! Especially when it’s Ferris! “Mr Rooney….Ed….you’re a beautiful man. Thankyou for your warmth and compassion.” – Sloane to Rooney   “Ladies and gentlemen, you’re such a wonderful crowd, we’d like to play a little tune for you. It’s one […]

what’s on the box

Recently in response to a [post] where I reminisced about a 90’s band Color Me Badd, my blogging friend [visit his blog here] mentioned that the States don’t get any Aussie TV shows. That really doesn’t surprise me, considering the plethora of television shows in the US, but it is sad because if you haven’t visited Australia or […]

guns. vampires. action.

Vampires & Guns. What else could I want in a movie?! I am impatiently waiting for the release of Priest a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller starring a kick-arse cast including Paul Bettany (as the title lead), Cam Gigandet (remember him from The OC and most recently Twilight), Maggie Q (Die Hard 4.0 and Nikita), Stephen Moyer (Bill!!!!), Karl Urban (the […]