wednesday words | the smile

I shot a smile into the air It fell to earth I know not where Perhaps on someone else’s face In some forgotten, quiet place. Perhaps somewhere a sleeping child Has had a happy dream and smiled Or some old soul about to die Has smiled and made a little sigh. Has sighed a simpleContinue reading “wednesday words | the smile”

wednesday words | a little duck

With a little bit of luck A duck Will come into your life. When you are at the peak Of your great powers, And your achievement towers Like a smoking chimney stack There’ll be a quack And right there at your feet A little duck will stand; She will take you by the hand AndContinue reading “wednesday words | a little duck”

wednesday words | string bags of oranges

Things just seem to fall apart, String bags full of oranges And things within the heart; Calamities evaporate and memories depart. People laugh at anything And things just fall apart. “Things just seem to fall apart” by Michael Leunig (Poems 1972-2002) ♥ One of my most favoured poems from contemporary Australian poet & artist. Happy humpContinue reading “wednesday words | string bags of oranges”