dinner club | june

For juicy dinner club in June, Jay chose a little cheap eats Mexican Cantina Y Barra in Surry Hills called El Loco which is located in the Excelsior pub. Jay & I meet Ian & Janine there mid-week after work and fail to get a seat inside, it’s freezing but thankfully there are outdoor heatersContinue reading “dinner club | june”

Grilled sweet corn salad with black beans & almonds

To say I love salsa would be an understatement. I know it’s a little strange to have such strong feelings for food, but hey, if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know Im slightly obsessive! I have some version of salsa with most protein meals. It’s such a great way toContinue reading “Grilled sweet corn salad with black beans & almonds”

the stuff up & the review

The Situation Last Sunday was Jay & my sixth wedding anniversary. It was also a wonderfully long weekend; with a day off work on Friday and a public holiday (thanks Queen Elizabeth!) on Monday. The Drama I love festivals and Jay & I have done a few things as part of the Sydney Fringe FestivalContinue reading “the stuff up & the review”

Agavé Restaurante | review

A long overdue Date Night with my husband started with a couple of fantastic cocktails at The Bentley in Surry Hills — an ultra dirty Ketel One vodka Martini for me and an Old Fashioned for Jay. Seriously one of the best martinis I’ve had yet! Our choice of restaurant came from a deal throughContinue reading “Agavé Restaurante | review”