dinner club 2013 february | mexico surry hills

mexico food + liquor | Surry Hills

It was Jay’s choice for February dinner club. We went to Sydney’s latest Mexican buzz establishment Mexico Food + Liquor in Surry Hills (affectionately aka Slurry).

hola pic above borrowed from their website


Goodness it’s hot & muggy when we arrive after work on Tuesday evening. E & Neen are already seated at the bar (they won’t seat you until all your party has arrived, and there are no bookings!) and have the right idea… a jug of margarita!

neensjugs stolen from Neen’s Instagram @neenjackson

Although it’s quiet when we arrive it soon fills and is buzzing with after work catch-ups. The food is tasty and super quick. The menu reads like standard Tex-Mex but it’s finger food fun with creative twists that make it awesome and along with the atmosphere and funky staff give this place it’s new-kid-on-the-block buzz. All the menu items are small plates, so you order a few and graze.

20130226220559155clockwise from top left:

totes cool day of the dead entrance
wall of tequila & cerveza
long-bench tables

20130226220743681we each have a small soft taco (E & Neen have pulled pork, Jay has beef & I have fish) we share the quesadillas.

clockwise above from top left:

*Pibil rubbed pork w black beans, red cabbage, guajillo, sesame soft taco
*Beef brisket braised in coconut & ancho w green onion, chilli, papaya soft taco
*Blackboard special: chorizo & whitefish with green cabbage soft taco
*Achiote chicken, citrus cured red onion, mint w salsa borracha quesadillas

20130226220902407we share….

clockwise above from top left:

*Mexico’s fried chicken (ohmygodohmygodohmygod)
*Beetroot, blood orange, chilli peanut salad w queso fresco, tostada
*Quinoa, wild rice, green bean, grilled zucchini salad w mustard greens
*Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt w spicy tomatillo dressing

ohmygodohmygodohmygod. The fried chicken is to die for!!! The salads are amazing; fresh, different & tasty!

wall of Frida

I love this place. I want to go back every night until I can’t eat Mexican anymore! If you’re local, don’t walk, RUN here!

Mexico Food + Liquor | 17 Randle St, Surry Hills