|melbourne adventures|

Melbourne city is one of my favourites. It feels a little eastern European; with it’s cobbled stone streets, artistic laneways overflowing with cafes and Parisian-esque chairs & tables on the sidewalk facing the street so you can people watch, the wide, sleepy Yarra river that runs through the south city and not to mention theContinue reading “|melbourne adventures|”

chet faker

My current musical obsession. A bearded beatsmith from Melbourne. Nicholas James Murphy aka Chet Faker. I read somewhere that Chet’s songs sound like he’s crushed up some valium and sprinkled it on his morning toast…it’s definitely music for a chillout session. And his debut; a cover of Blackstreet’s hit No Diggity makes 90’s hiphop cool again! ButContinue reading “chet faker”

is this the best pizza ever? | +39 Pizzeria

[via] Pizza is my weakness. I’m referring to proper Italian pizza, not that tasteless cardboard Pizza Hut and Dominos peddle in the guise of “pizza”. Over the last couple of years I’ve been slowly working my way through Sydney’s top 10 pizza restaurants (according to the SMH Good Food Guide) and I must say thatContinue reading “is this the best pizza ever? | +39 Pizzeria”

a night with Tarbaby & Oliver Lake

Saturday night we went to a jazz performance by four cool cats from New York City called Tarbaby featuring Oliver Lake. I don’t know a lot technically about jazz. I just know what type of jazz I like and what I don’t. Coming from a music background of traditional piano, I love jazz because it’s about soul; playing what youContinue reading “a night with Tarbaby & Oliver Lake”

mr tulk | melbourne cafe review

Three weeks ago today I was eating breakfast with 5 of my favourite people in a little cafe at the bottom of the majestic Victorian State Library in the state’s capital. Mr Tulk cafe was recommended to us by the concierge at our hotel and we were happy to his advice. This is a trendy little cafe;Continue reading “mr tulk | melbourne cafe review”

grill’d | burger review

Those who know me, know I love a good burger. I could go so far as to say burgers are one of my favourite foods! Janine was in amazement when I told her I had never heard of Grill’d Burgers before considering there is one right near us in Darling Harbour (having since gone there,Continue reading “grill’d | burger review”

aerial ping pong | guest post by Nathan

Some facts about my friend Nath; I’ve known him since I was 13-ish We were on the swim team together for 5 years For about 2 weeks in year 10, I had a crush on his twin brother I used to beg him and Grant to dress the same (much to their disgust) He’s aContinue reading “aerial ping pong | guest post by Nathan”

andiamo cafe | degraves lane | melbourne

Degraves Street and Lane in Melbourne are named after two brothers who were pioneer settlers in the mid 1800’s. They arrived from Tasmania in 1849 and set up grazing farms in Melbourne. The streets are located near Flinders St Station and Degraves Lane is famous for it’s European cafe culture. My first walk down DegravesContinue reading “andiamo cafe | degraves lane | melbourne”