a question a day in may | two

Day 2 question

What one thing you would you change about yourself? 

Just like most girls (and most people) there are many little things I’d change about myself; some that can be changed and that I am actively working on (like my fitness, obsessive compulsiveness & patience) and some that can’t like my height or eye colour.

If you’ve read my blog before you know that I’m pretty heavily entrenched in my health & fitness routine. It’s difficult to not attach self worth (happiness and success) to achieving your goals; like ‘when I reach my goal weight I’ll be this much happier’ or ‘I’ll be a success when I can run a half-marathon’, so it’s an easy-A for me to say that for today’s question the one thing I’d change about myself is my body!

I aspire to have a body like this girl;

Smokin’ hot huh!?!

[not sure where this picture came from, so if you know drop me a comment & I’ll update the picture credit]