throwback thursday

 Throwback Thursday circa 1996 That’s me in the middle with long hair & a fringe (aka bangs)! My girlfriends are (L to R): Amelia, Tamma, Lindy, me, Janine & Rachel. My high school reunion is happening in August! It’s been 18 years since that photo was taken in Year 12 (aka Senior) and we’ve decidedContinue reading “throwback thursday”

brace yourself, there is little hope

My Mum, who is a SPAM-QUEEN, sent me the following via email yesterday, and it’s just too funny not to share.   It’s probably all a load of bollocks, but it gave me hiccups from laughing so hard, so here it is….enjoy your Tuesday!  Actual exam answers from the SATs (equally, it could be NCEAs,Continue reading “brace yourself, there is little hope”