fitspiration friday | metanoia

This week Ive been hitting the workouts hard with Michelle Bridges 12WBT program. It feels amazing to be back on the plan; I respond really well to a structured fitness & nutrition program. Hope you’re all having a great Friday & work off all that Valentine’s chocolate!  Me? I was a (mostly) good girl &Continue reading “fitspiration friday | metanoia”

2013 my year to move nourish believe

this is a space for… DREAM words INSPIRING words FALL DOWN & GET UP words words of TRUTH words that call for ACTION words that MAKE YOU FEEL ALIVE & words that inspire you to MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE I am loving my new Lorna Jane diary for 2013. It’s beautiful, practical & inspiring.     

activating almonds & a detox

On arrival home late Thursday night I took full advantage of Jay’s tiredness after a 12 hour road trip to announce that we’d be starting a 3 day detox! No wheat, gluten, rice, dairy, meat, sugary or processed foods! Just fruit & veggies! I awoke early Friday morning and went to procure all the goodnessContinue reading “activating almonds & a detox”

kicking back into gear

I’ve posted about my less than stellar workouts and nutrition over the past couple of months, but since moving, settling in and getting back into a proper routine (travel for work, holidays & personal drama aside) I’m getting back into some consistency which feels really good. If you get a chance, check out my guestContinue reading “kicking back into gear”

12WBT round three | blogging challenge #two

The second topic in the 12WBT blogging challenge (created by Courage2Start) is A Picture of Health. Question: To me, what is a picture of health? ◊♦◊♦◊♦◊♦◊♦◊ Strong. Not skinny. That is my picture of health. I also think that by defining what is NOT my picture of health helps draw a picture of what IContinue reading “12WBT round three | blogging challenge #two”