ten things i love about being a grown-up

I often do things out of spite of my Mother. 

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Mum; we’re the best of friends, talk most days and have a great relationship but as an adult I get to defy (some of) her rules that were imposed on me as a child.

You know those rules that just don’t actually mean anything morally or ethically? Those rules that just seem to slide off a mother’s tongue like silk or hurled at you one after another like a dictator’s bullets?

I know that seems a little harsh and I’m definitely exaggerating as my upbringing was certainly far from a militia regime!

But here I am…thinking of the things I get to do as an adult that I didn’t as a child living with my parents. And so I’ve compiled a list…of top ten things I love about being a grown-up.

  1. i can wipe my dirty hands on my clothes if i feel like it!
  2. i can drink straight out of the bottle while standing in front of the open fridge
  3. if i wanna pay $5 for the sewing lady to sew my buttons on my jacket i can!
  4. i can eat cereal for dinner
  5. if i forget to take the DVDs or library books back on time i wont get grounded
  6. i can stay up to 4am on the weekend watching teen sitcoms
  7. i can buy breakfast, lunch & dinner all in a single day without anyone telling me i’m wasting money!
  8. if i get spanked it’s because i asked for it in the bedroom!
  9. i can go out with my friends on a “school night”
  10. i can use whatever grammar i like without anyone telling me off

So, what do you love most?