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On the 3rd October, The Jacksons & The Williams went out for Dinner Club.
For my choice, we dined at Alfie & Hetty on Glebe Point Rd in Glebe.

In the 1920’s Alfie and Hetty were great mates who lived side by side on the site that is now the restaurant. Alfie was a gangster and party boy and Hetty a caring & upstanding lady of the community. According to the website:

Mrs. N Stapleton or better known as Hetty, was an institution to her neighbours’ and the community for being a caring and gregarious women. She would cook for the locals and their children, especially well known for her famous roast on a Sunday.
Hetty lived in 207 Glebe Point Road till her death in 1925 while still awaiting the return of her son, who was lost in the war.  In Honour of this lovely women we have not only named our restaurant Hettys’ Place, but also offer the famous roasts she was so well known for.
Alfie White, who lived in 209 from 1921, was known to be the right hand man of the local Gangster. Alfie was the collector of money owed, and was also in charge of the Speakeasy, which he ran out of the upstairs of this house.
So in Honour of Mr. White we have named our upstairs area Alfie’s Bar, a place where the elegance and notoriety of the 1920’s is mixed up with Hetty’s favourite dishes, and Alfie’s favourite cocktails.

I love the integration of history into Sydney’s restaurants and bars of late, and how, through dining and drinking we are led to embrace the stories and feel apart of eras past that have laid the foundation to our beautiful city.

restaurant frontage
restaurant frontage

The food is about sharing and having good times, so keeping with that ethos, Jay & shared a steak and we had chips for the table.

steak for two
steak for two
spiced fries
spiced fries

The food is well priced but I’d give the cocktails a miss. We finished off a wonderful evening of catching up with our good friends with dessert down the street at SanChurro.

strawberries & white chocolate
strawberries & white chocolate dipping sauce

this week | in instagram

IMG_20130224_153624 making Skinny Cow icecream into a pretty treat! IMG_20130224_154113 (1) circa 2010 @ South Coast Bawley Beach; Harley’s first trip away IMG_20130225_210054Jay, my hot Monday night date;
late dinner after seeing an FBiRadio presents ‘The Imposter’ movie IMG_20130226_221222Amber!!! Had to take this picture of Amber Valletta for Coach at the QVB on George St to send to my friend Tam. Amber & Shalom were our supermodel heros in the 90s!  20130226220559155 Feb dinner club with E & Neen at Mexico Surry HillsIMG_20130226_213321 thanks for the pretty paper stars (that I won’t be shredding) Aunty Sheela!!! IMG_20130228_070833 sunrise over beautiful Sydney during my morning jog IMG_20130228_071608 running stairs with Harley IMG_20130302_083244 little monster – Harley IMG_20130301_070652my favourite boat ‘Poppy’. I want. I will also be using this boat to escape the zombie apocalypse (hope the owners don’t live close)! 
IMG_20130227_072741 early morning boxing IMG_20130301_130116 my husband’s cool ensemble IMG_20130301_082421 this week’s Friday Flowers! Australian Natives. IMG_20130301_090040 hello friend. made by Tino @ Mano Espresso IMG_20130302_154251 a well deserved Dirty Grey Goose Martini on Friday night at Darling HarbourIMG_20130302_072608 get ready for colour & debauchery Sydney!!! Mardi Gras!!! IMG_20130302_104549 Saturday Pyrmont Grower’s Market in the rain IMG_20130302_162137 my skincare routine for the last 6 years…it’s the only skin I’ve got so I’m going to take damn good care of it! IMG_20130302_162815 my makeup ritual IMG_20130302_130653 50 shades of grey Sydney style… weekend of wet weather IMG_20130302_152750I finally hung my recently purchased artwork in our bedroom.
The three paintings are by a Swiss artist named Cristina B.
[contact via @CristinaBStudio on twitter]IMG_20130302_203534 Saturday night simple pasta for my date home alone with the couch
& Xbox Live movies!!! I will not admit to eating half a packet of skittles!!! IMG_20130303_160735 “I was going to be good Mummy but there were too many other options”!!! Harley the cavoodle
IMG_20130303_154731Sunday brunch at FFF Glebe.
Mango smoothie & pumpkin, walnut, chicken salad.

How was your week???

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spectacular sunny sunday

Finally Sydney’s skies cleared up and the SUN came out to play!!!

I had a day of achievement today…

We went running around our local Glebe park & foreshore for a delayed #SSS workout newly dubbed Super Sunday Session, had yummy brekkie at Toby’s, did grocery shopping for the week ahead, followed by a huge cook-up!

the gorgeous Glebe harbour (Sydney CBD in the background)
ANZAC bridge with Harbour Bridge in the distance
Harley in the park
fluffy, filthy monster

I know….you’ll have to excuse me, I’m only slightly obsessed with my dog.

Sunday’s calorie expenditure
the golden cup of awesome
Jay’s brekkie; scrambled eggs, sourdough, maple bacon, mushrooms & tomato
my brekkie; sourdough, avocado, tomato & basil pesto

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

Harley’s been butchered

It’s approaching summer here and Harley’s favourite activity during our daily walks (apart from looking for sticks, licking other dogs and chasing every bird he can see) is swimming in the harbour.

I would never deny my little puppy of this great joy, but it adds another 15 minutes to my morning as I have to wash the salt off him in the shower, get rid of the burrs and sticks embedded in his fur and then dry him off, so with all the time saving in mind, I dropped Harley off at the groomers for a haircut last week.

My instruction to the groomers at ‘Pets on the Point‘ in Glebe was “short but not too short. You know, a little shorter than the usual.” When I picked him up 4 hours later I almost cried. Gone was my fluffy teddy bear. In his place was a skinny black rat looking thing!  They SHAVED him all over.

Dog owners are generally really fussy and particular about the way in which their dog’s hair is cut. I am certainly no different. Especially when I’m paying sixty-five dollars for it (a whole other story as I was quoted $49).

There is really just one hyphenated word to describe these butchers.


teddy bear Harley
fluffy Harley
Harley the fluffball
fluffy monster


Harley after
skinnyhead Harley
Harley with no fur
even he's depressed with the new cut

He seriously looks like a different dog. He looks like Falcor from The Never Ending Story.

I guess there’s a chance that I’m being overly dramatic about it all. At least it’s only hair and it will grow back!

But moral of the story is don’t take your dog to Pets on the Point in Glebe. They are over-charging bastards without a grooming clue.


I’ve spoken frequently about our favourite breakfast cafe in Glebe.
It’s called Fundamental Food Flaminn.

We usually walk there for a lazy weekend brekkie with our little monster Harley, getting the paper along the way. By the time we actually get there, it’s more like brunch. Harley sits under the table while everyone who walks past stops to pat him because he’s so fricking cute (and doesn’t he know it!).

It’s not exactly an attractive cafe; although it’s clean and tidy, the chairs look like boardroom office chairs (they are so comfy though!) and the floor is tiled with 80’s faux-terracotta. But I tell you, the food more than makes up for it.

Our suburb of Glebe is an eclectic haven of students, hippies, same-sex couples, original oldies, indigenous Aussies and young city office workers. There are always people out with their dogs. There are markets each Saturday in the local school and the main street has so many cafes and restaurants that you could progressively eat your way down the street over the course of a couple of months!

Triple-F, as we affectionately call it, is a little gem that has good quality food, substantial portion sizes and is very well priced. They even do $2 Bloody Mary with the Big Breakfast!

Jay always orders the same thing. The big breakfast, eggs scrambled. Often he has grande intentions to order something else, but when we sit down and look at the menu, he succumbs to the big brekkie. The waitress always quips that she shouldn’t bother giving him a menu!

big breakfast

The Big Breakfast $15.00 consists of Turkish toast, eggs your way, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and hash brown served with a garnish of fruit.

big brekkie

Yesterday, Jay also got the Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary is bloody good!

I usually alternate between poached eggs on toast or beans, mushrooms & spinach on toast or fruit salad & raisin toast. When I’m really hungry I’ll order Poached eggs on Turkish toast with bacon, mushrooms & spinach $16.

Poached eggs with bacon spinach & mushrooms
Mango & Banana Smoothy

Yesterday I ordered Pancakes with banana, ice-cream and maple syrup $15. It was divine but a little too big & sweet for me to finish.

Pancakes with banana, icecream & maple syrup

And of course, the coffee is decent!

mmmmm, coffee

So, if you’re ever in Glebe, definitely try this place for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). You won’t be disappointed!

♦ Fundamental Food Flaminn | 145 Glebe Point Road | Glebe NSW 2037 ♦