the byron lizard bowls

this is the story of two pretty ceramic clay bowls, one little lizard & a $50 bet… My friend Ian bet me $50 that I couldn’t catch this little Eastern Water Dragon (Physignathus lesueurii) that lived near the pool at the Byron Bay beach house.  After it lead me (& Harley) on a lizard run aroundContinue reading “the byron lizard bowls”

best of the interwebs

one girl* read the entire internet tonight. and these are the best pics she found. In my dreams I’m a super hot storm trooper. via something for me to remember when I want to eat Kit-Kats. via just so pretty. so so pretty. via maybe I should just mainline my morning caffine… via so doContinue reading “best of the interwebs”

trailer for every oscar-winning movie ever

These guys from Britanick are genius!  “two guys wasting their degrees” Its funny & clever – I love it!  Im still trying to work out all the actual films…..Rain Man, American Beauty, The Departed, A Beautiful Mind, Chariots of Fire, English Patient…I think some are films that didnt win an Oscar but were nominated like Romeo &Continue reading “trailer for every oscar-winning movie ever”