obstacles | wednesday workout

A couple of week’s ago I lost my Polar heartrate strap. It literally blew out the kitchen window never to be seen again (I live on the 10th story of a large apartment block, so it is literally lost forever). I’ve been feeling weird working out without my Polar tracking my heartrate and calories. It’s like […]

fitspiration friday

Yep, that’s right! Shake off the guilt of a missed training session or a dirty burger and own today with a killer workout and a day of squeaky clean eating. Here’s my workouts from the last two days…. Wednesday weights session @ gym 10 mins high intensity on the Xtrainer LegPress – 3 sets x […]

fitspiration friday

12WBT Weekly surprise task #2 was to create an inspiration board to help keep ourselves fired up and fierce during those times when our motivation wanes. I created mine with pictures of women’s bodies that I aspire to look like, a pic of our fearless leader Michelle Bridges  (centre in black Adidas crop top) and […]

it’s easy being green

I recently wrote about my new breakfast routine of a green smoothie (and my fancypants new Vitamix).  I am seriously obsessed with the green smoothie revolution; My skin looks great, my insides function like a well oiled machine and it’s a fast way to have brekkie! So I thought I’d share a few combinations if […]

friday double | funny friday & fitspiration friday

take a girl, an iPod, a mall, a smattering of crazy and a whole hit of bravery and what you get is this hilarious video clip of Angela Trimbur dancing like nobody’s watching! discovered via ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve just finished my early morning 3km run with Harley and tonight I’ve got Body Balance but here is some inspiration just in […]