why you should drink more H2O | week of health & fitness

Can you remember the lines (aka nagging) your Mum constantly repeated when you were growing up? Anytime my brother & I opened the fridge, like some kind of fridge-sensor, my Mum would yell from somewhere in the house “Have a glass of water”! The average adult human body is 50-65% water, so it only makesContinue reading “why you should drink more H2O | week of health & fitness”

12wbt | week 3 in review

Hells to the yeah people! Week 3 done & dusted! Monday (day15) 5km walk/run with Harley & Jay. Tuesday (day16) Uber workout at the gym: 5 min warmup on the Xtrainer 5 sets x 15 reps Legpress 60Kgs 3 sets (per leg) single leg lunges x 15 reps holding 15kg barbell 3 sets (per leg)Continue reading “12wbt | week 3 in review”

12wbt week 4 | thoughts

Michelle‘s kickoff message for Week 4 of the program, was about self sabotage; whether we perform acts of self sabotage on our fitness and health journey, or whether we just haven’t honed the skills to enable us to reach our goals. I think at times I may contribute to sabotaging myself; feeling like I may fail so why shouldContinue reading “12wbt week 4 | thoughts”

12wbt | week 2 roundup

Disclosure: For all my non-12WBT or fitness blog friends, please read at your own peril! In terms of my 12WBT journey, my second week was tragic. Being in Melbourne for just over a week was not good for my nutrition and exercise. I spent the successful first week of 12WBT stressing over the fact that IContinue reading “12wbt | week 2 roundup”

new year goals

The first post of the year, across millions of personal blogs the world over, are generally chock-full of resolutions; promises usually include weight-loss, quit smoking, drink less, exercise more, eat better, yada yada yada! They’re all good of course but you ask people in February how their resolutions are going and it’s usually an excuseContinue reading “new year goals”

Fitspiration Friday | Greatist

This week’s Fitspiration Friday is brought to you by Greatist Blog. They are informative, educational, inspirational & generally entertaining. A wonderful one stop blog for fitness, health & nutrition! Brought to you by Greatist. Remember when Jerry McGuire wrote a manifesto & then changed his world?! Well, this is their manifesto. Maybe it’ll change yourContinue reading “Fitspiration Friday | Greatist”

12WBT | week 12 in review

It’s the final week baby! I’ve been at this twelve whole weeks. It doesn’t seem that long but at the same time it seems like I’ve been doing this forever. Something I read this week really resonated with me;  There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something you only doContinue reading “12WBT | week 12 in review”

12WBT | week 10 in review

It’s week 10 and I’m doing fantastically with my running. Apart from Tuesday’s Pump session, I run every day. I think I over did it a little because I’m so tight and sore from not stretching enough (I didn’t attend Friday’s Body Balance because I run in the morning instead). I take Thursday as myContinue reading “12WBT | week 10 in review”