fitspiration friday

Yep, that’s right! Shake off the guilt of a missed training session or a dirty burger and own today with a killer workout and a day of squeaky clean eating. Here’s my workouts from the last two days…. Wednesday weights session @ gym 10 mins high intensity on the Xtrainer LegPress – 3 sets xContinue reading “fitspiration friday”

12wbt | week 2 roundup

Disclosure: For all my non-12WBT or fitness blog friends, please read at your own peril! In terms of my 12WBT journey, my second week was tragic. Being in Melbourne for just over a week was not good for my nutrition and exercise. I spent the successful first week of 12WBT stressing over the fact that IContinue reading “12wbt | week 2 roundup”

friday double | funny friday & fitspiration friday

take a girl, an iPod, a mall, a smattering of crazy and a whole hit of bravery and what you get is this hilarious video clip of Angela Trimbur dancing like nobody’s watching! discovered via ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve just finished my early morning 3km run with Harley and tonight I’ve got Body Balance but here is some inspiration just inContinue reading “friday double | funny friday & fitspiration friday”

12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review

Weeks 3, 4 & 5 were about exercising like a demon but struggling a little with controlling my food choices. To be honest, I’ve been finding my discipline around my eating a little difficult. I haven’t been diligently sticking to my 1200 calories a day quota, which means I haven’t seen huge improvements on theContinue reading “12wbt | weeks 3-5 in review”

rise & shine…consistency is key

This morning when my alarm woke me at 5.30am I just wanted to bury my head under the pillow, dig deeper into the blankets and go back to sleep. I’d been up several times during the night because Harley (the fluffy monster dog) was restless and needed to go outside. But I got up, wokeContinue reading “rise & shine…consistency is key”