memorable meals

Food glorious food.

How I love to eat!

And I’ve eaten some delicious fare of late, which I thought I’d share with you.

some have been delectably healthy…

51120138419 green smoothie made with coconut water, kale, celery, apple, cucumber & mint

5142013143845 make the best of this seasons ripe creamy avocado; with lettuce, tomato & salmon

6172013214128 I’ve been experimenting with the paleo recipes.
I created paleo chicken nuggets; chicken mince, coriander, chilli, shredded coconut & then rolled in coconut flour & air fried in my Philips AirFryer!

617201321412 snacking on roasted almonds with Japanese chilli salt & paprika and coconut oil

And then the not so healthy…

6122013201432 celebrating my husband’s success (uni post-grad) with Bollinger champagne and homemade coleslaw & American-style pork ribs!

530201315265 a socialicious dinner party with friends!

614201303054 a French bistro style dinner with my girlfriends (I ate the meal on the top right; duck & celeriac mash) at Felix at The Ivy

But it’s not all about me….Harley bear had a birthday! He turned 3 years old and he had a birthday party with a few doggy friends at the dog cafe. He had a delicious lunch of mince, rice & veggies and a dog friendly birthday cake!!!


What memorable meals have you eaten of late???

sparkles, bubbles & girlfriends

I had a most delicious weekend with two of my oldest & dearest friends.

I’ve known Tam since we were in grade 3 and Gracie since grade 5.

Anytime we get together it’s simply soul cleansing fun.

It was Tam’s birthday last week and Gracie’s birthday in a couple of weeks, so we  had some fun celebrating 35!

Here’s what we got up to…

mani / pedi delight!
mani / pedi delight!
kicking off the evening on my balcony with a bottle of Veuve
perfect pedi’s & a bottle of Veuve
Tam, Gracie, me
Tam, Gracie & moi
and it's on for the posers
and it’s on for the posers (L-R) Gracue, Tam, me
cocktails at Baxter Inn with Charlie the bartender
cocktails at Baxter Inn with Charlie the bartender
dinner at Felix at The Ivy
dinner at Felix at The Ivy
gorgeous Tam
gorgeous Tam
the pout always seems like a good idea at the time!
Gracie & me

We had brunch this morning with Jay & Harley before the girls headed back home to Newcastle.

How was your weekend?