we’re all superheroes

I must admit I’m a bit of a joiner. I’ll join sports teams, books clubs, Instagram challenges, cooking competitions, even a really long line at a public toilet but most of all I’m a sucker to join a good cause. I recently let my Greenpeace membership lapse and we’ve been a supporter of UNHCR’s RefugeeContinue reading “we’re all superheroes”

emergency petition to save our oceans

Have you seen the documentary The 11th Hour? Much like visiting a battery hen farm will likely turn you vegetarian, watching this doco will shock you into taking positive action to minimise your own environmental footprint. I’m one of the 17 million (current) Avaaz members who recognises the need for a global voice to drawContinue reading “emergency petition to save our oceans”

a question a day in may | one

My darling friend and fellow blogger Neen has challenged me to a blogging game; A question a day in May! She’s posed 31 questions for me to answer & post each day in May. Day 1 question If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?  There are so many thingsContinue reading “a question a day in may | one”