Folonomo :: restaurant review

For love not money is the ethos of this place and their name reflects that using the first two letters of each word in the saying.

It’s Sydney’s first “profit for purpose” restaurant, where after operating costs, all profits go to charity.

The food is sustainable and ethically sourced, but it’s beautiful, tasty, fragrant and inspires long comfortable dinner talking & laughing with your love or a bunch of friends.

Simple dishes (rump steak with kipfler potatoes & eel butter) yet complex with texture (braise lamb shoulder with ‘dirty rice’ that consists of three different types of rice with crunchy toasted seeds and duck mince).

Their kitchen is small but lively and sitting at the counter you get to see the dedication to quality and the enjoyment that is had by the chefs and cooks to produced these dishes. It’s fun efficiency, especially when the night starts to wind down and “staffies” beers are cracked as a reward to a job well done.

All plates are for sharing and we had one of the two sides; the cauliflower rice with silverbeet lemon & mint and it was to.die! The soft yet still firm cauli mixed with pops of mint, wholesomeness of the silverbeet and crunch of toasted seeds was a true party in my mouth! It was a fresh side to lighten the richness of the steak & fall-apart lamb dishes.

Again, dessert was shared; this heavenly French pastry bread called ‘kouigin amann’ buttery and toasty and served with baked pears, firm and caramel-y, lemon curd and in-house vanilla icecream. Oh.My.God. Seriously.

It’s BYO wine/champers at the moment while they wait on their liquor license.

5 dishes, wonderful staff, good food, good atmosphere, $125. Leave a hefty tip because it all goes to charity!

//all photos my own//

alfie & hetty | glebe eatery


On the 3rd October, The Jacksons & The Williams went out for Dinner Club.
For my choice, we dined at Alfie & Hetty on Glebe Point Rd in Glebe.

In the 1920’s Alfie and Hetty were great mates who lived side by side on the site that is now the restaurant. Alfie was a gangster and party boy and Hetty a caring & upstanding lady of the community. According to the website:

Mrs. N Stapleton or better known as Hetty, was an institution to her neighbours’ and the community for being a caring and gregarious women. She would cook for the locals and their children, especially well known for her famous roast on a Sunday.
Hetty lived in 207 Glebe Point Road till her death in 1925 while still awaiting the return of her son, who was lost in the war.  In Honour of this lovely women we have not only named our restaurant Hettys’ Place, but also offer the famous roasts she was so well known for.
Alfie White, who lived in 209 from 1921, was known to be the right hand man of the local Gangster. Alfie was the collector of money owed, and was also in charge of the Speakeasy, which he ran out of the upstairs of this house.
So in Honour of Mr. White we have named our upstairs area Alfie’s Bar, a place where the elegance and notoriety of the 1920’s is mixed up with Hetty’s favourite dishes, and Alfie’s favourite cocktails.

I love the integration of history into Sydney’s restaurants and bars of late, and how, through dining and drinking we are led to embrace the stories and feel apart of eras past that have laid the foundation to our beautiful city.

restaurant frontage
restaurant frontage

The food is about sharing and having good times, so keeping with that ethos, Jay & shared a steak and we had chips for the table.

steak for two
steak for two
spiced fries
spiced fries

The food is well priced but I’d give the cocktails a miss. We finished off a wonderful evening of catching up with our good friends with dessert down the street at SanChurro.

strawberries & white chocolate
strawberries & white chocolate dipping sauce

the owl house

Want the two best words of the week?

Date Night!

The Owl House in Darlinghurst is where we went for our date earlier this week.


Located just off Williams St, this little red terrace is cute & cosy; hosting a well stocked candlelit bar downstairs and a small dining room upstairs.

We had a special experience created by Lime & Tonic which was for a set 5 small-course meal which we kicked off at the bar;

starting off at the bar
starting off at the bar
tea lights in the little wall cracks
tea lights in the little wall cracks
I'd have to say I agree!
I’d have to say I agree!

We were then taken upstairs by the waitress Anna for our dinner

upstairs dining
upstairs dining
upstairs dining
upstairs dining

The terraces in Darlinghurst have a lot of history; the suburb was established in the 1830s and in recent years business owners are embracing the history of the area and the people who lived there through interior design that keeps in theme with the rich history of early Sydney.

My photos are a little dark, as I didn’t want to disrupt the ambiance (or embarrass Jay) with my phone’s gigantic flash! But you get the idea; Commonwealth influences, red walls, candles, recycled timber, etc.

course 1 | oyster with pepper citrus foam
course 1 | oyster with pepper citrus foam
course 2 | oxtail croquette on a bed of herbed mayo & watercress
course 2 | oxtail croquette on a bed of herbed mayo & watercress
course 3 | beetroot mousse with creme fraiche & snowpea tendrils
course 3 | beetroot mousse with creme fraiche celeriac coleslaw & snowpea tendrils
course 4 | veal medallion, brisket with walnut cracker topping on parsnip mash
course 4 | veal medallion, brisket with walnut cracker topping on parsnip mash with roasted yellow beetroot & shredded silverbeet
course 5 | chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb with a little chocolate & almond brownie
course 5 | chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb with a little chocolate & almond brownie

The food was an exciting surprise (we didn’t know what the menu held for us) and the dining room is intimate and candlelit, making for a romantic night out!

If you can, I recommend you head over there for an after work beverage or dinner with a girlfriend/mate/date!

‘Best Bar with Food’ winner: 2012 SMH Good Food Guide. The Owl House Darlinghurst is for superb food, or spoiling yourself with a cocktail for grown-ups.

Check out their website for details

felix bistro | restaurant review

In 2007 in Trocadéro, the 16th arrondissement in Paris, I ate one of the best meals in my life.

Jay & I had discovered this little bistro after hours of walking and sight-seeing. To sit at this quaint little restaurant with latticed seats facing the street, aperitif in hand, perusing the menu and using our broken French to order the salade de homard followed by assiette de fromages while the Tour Eiffel sparkles in the distance was just the most wonderful end to the day.

When entering Felix Bistro, one of the several restaurants at Sydney’s premier The Ivy precinct I am transported back to the bistros of Paris. The decor, the wait-staff attire and of course the menu is distinctly Parisian. The majority of the wine list is from various regions in France and many of the waiters themselves are French. Head chef Nathan Johnson & the Merivale crew have done a wonderful job in bringing authenticity to this venue.




My dining companions consist of two of my most favourite people; mon mari Monsieur Jay and mon meilleur ami Mademoiselle Grace.

Having started the evening with an aperitif at The Ivy Bar (for the most amazing ‘Eden Martini’ made with Plymouth Gin, Licor 43 vanilla liqueur, fresh watermelon, lemon juice and rose syrup), we order a bottle of 2009 Château Riotor Côtes de Provence – it’s a blush pink rosé and it’s subtle, not too sweet but delicious.


Gracie orders the Citrus cured kingfish, watermelon, avocado and lime marinated cucumber which arrives looking very creative and sophisticated. She has to put her fork down in between each mouthful to ensure she’s properly experiencing and prolonging the joy!

Jay orders the Smoked chicken, frisée, onion compote and crispy fried poached egg. The onion compote layers the base of the dish and is smooth, sweet & slightly tangy. The chicken is warm & smoky and the egg crispy from being deep fried. He is in heaven.

I revisit the 80’s with my Prawn cocktail which is simple and delicious with plump prawns, sweet liquid bursts of salmon-roe, minimal creamy dressing and a sweet crunch of diced apple amoungst the finely sliced iceberg lettuce.


Gracie orders the Seared tuna niçoise salad and Fries. It’s a beautifully presented and traditional take on the niçoise and the fries are thin, crispy slivers of potato with a light sprinkling of salt.

Jay orders the “Steak frites” Rangers Valley sirloin and herb butter which is a pre-cut steak cooked perfectly medium-rare and is served with the heavenly crispy fries, herb butter and a little pot of red wine reduction sauce. 

I order Pan roasted barramundi, French style peas with bacon and cos lettuce which is a beautiful fillet of fresh barra on a bed of delicate peas and little salty morsels of bacon hock in a creamy consommé decorated with snowpea tendrils. 

We share a side of Spinach and rocket salad, Spanish onion, feta, croutons.


It’s so hard to choose just one dessert from their menu, so we all (begrudgingly) agree to share a little of each of our dessert!

Grace orders the Peanut parfait, dark chocolate mousse and salted macadamia caramel which is delicious beyond words. The vanilla ice-cream-like parfait with smatterings of peanuts, the deeply rich & creamy chocolate mousse and the finger of crispy salted macadamia brittle with drizzles of caramel toffee. 

Jay orders the Selection of profiteroles with vanilla bean icecream, creme anglaise and pistachio cream. They are light and fluffy and drizzled in a rich chocolate sauce.

I order the Passionfruit Souffle with coconut sorbet and pureed pineapple. The souffle is airy and beautifully risen and only slightly tangy but it’s the coconut sorbet and pineapple that is exceptional; the coconut sorbet tastes of real coconut not an imitation and the pineapple is juicy and sticky sweet. 

Menu: classic French cooking with flair
Wine list: extensive mostly French with a small selection Australian wines by the glass, carafe and bottle

Service: attentive but not intrusive. Some waiters could scrub up on their knowledge of the menu though.
Atmosphere: bustling, lively, good background jazz music, beautiful decor
Price: $$$ mid-range expensive

Felix Bar & Bistro | Ash St, The Ivy Precinct, Sydney (enter from George St entrance) | website [here]

monkey magic | dinner club four

Japanese fusion was on the menu for Ian’s pick for April’s Dinner Club.

Monkey Magic in Surry Hills is a beautiful space; it’s industrial but warm; an open warehouse feel with a mix of concrete and wooden floors and exposed wood ceiling beams.

the entrance stairs
the main dining room
downstairs entrance lounge



For Jay’s starter he has sushi roll; it’s so good I have food envy!


raw tuna, avocado,cucumber, anchovy crumbs, orange zest and spicy sauce

For Ian’s starter he has Japanese Skewers:


assorted skewers of prawn, chicken, cheese and vegetables

Neen and I shared duck pancakes:


wholemeal pancakes with roasted duck and hoisin sauce


Ian & Neen both have the pork belly:


it’s served with with wilted cabbage, sweet potato and “yakiniku” sauce

Jay and I both have the chicken:


it’s served with with sweet corn, baby spinach, speck, miso butter and candied orange

we all share some side dishes


The steamed greens come with a citrus miso dressing, and the salad is mizuna, radish and baby beetroot with yuzu dressing.


My absolute favourite!!! Edamame with pink salt and crispy renkon chips!


Neen & I share dessert; it’s actually not that good. The flavours, chocolate and apple, don’t compliment.


frozen meringue cream with sable biscuit, apple puree and chervil

Ian has an experimental trio of mini desserts with a sesame theme. He’s not a huge fan of his dessert either.


creme caramel, profiterole and biscuits

Jay has sweet spring rolls and he loves them. He definitely made the best choice!


with creme chantilly and green tea ice cream

Monkey Magic | 3 & 4/410 Crown Street  Surry Hills NSW 2010 

They currently have a great deal – 20% off Mon-Thurs.

Food: 3 out of 5
Atmosphere: 4 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5 (with the 20% off)