| weekend |

It’s been 11 days since I tore 2 ligaments in my ankle. Today I went outside!!! Into the real world, with real people and real interactions that didn’t involve my physio! Yay! Being inside, with my foot up has seriously been messing with my chi. Today I managed with just one crutch, so I’ll seeContinue reading “| weekend |”

Harley photo bomb!

Twice a week, while we’re at work, our little Harley monster gets picked up by his dog walkers Happy Pets and roams the parks in Sydney with his pack of furry pals! They tweet his adventures so overzealous loving owners (like us) can see what he’s been up to (and why he smells so badContinue reading “Harley photo bomb!”

week in instagram

So the world didn’t end in fire or ice. On we go for the next 5,125 years. In comparison here is my minuscule week in Instagram pics.  1 | kicking off a week of breakfast green smoothies  2 | gorgeous Harley boy  3 | Sportsgirl pretty skull Galaxy Tab cover  4 | Girls night out – Ems,Continue reading “week in instagram”

wall of shame

Have you seen this? Dogshaming on Tumblr [here]. It’s where owners can get their own back by posting pictures of their dog’s dirty & shameful secrets. I have literally been reading these for the past half-hour with tears rolling down my cheeks! It’s frickin’ hilarious! Here’s a few meaty ones (pardon the pun!)… and myContinue reading “wall of shame”