friday, i’m in love

After a long exhausting work week culminating in my final day based on a client site for a year and a half, a few drinks were in order.


Originally I was supposed to have a girls weekend with Grace & Tam, but after the bush fires blazing around Sydney it was too dangerous to go away.

Jay’s best friend James had organised to come down for the evening so we spent Friday afternoon sitting in the spring setting sun at Darling Harbour.

Sydney - showing off in Spring
Sydney – showing off in Spring
my handsome dates James (L) & Jay (R)
my handsome dates James (L) & Jay (R)
harbour side dinner
harbour side dinner
The Bromance; Jay & James
The Bromance; Jay & James




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How’s everyone’s Easter break?
I’ve been loving the extra long four day weekend spent at home in a love bubble with Jay and Harley.

The week past was full of cramming work in before the holidays, getting my healthy eating back on track and catching up with family & friends.
The only low is that Jay’s Dad’s cancer is back; in his liver this time around which means intensive chemo starting next week. We’re focusing on sending good thoughts and lots of love his way.

IMG_20130325_062903IMG_20130326_094347starting the week off right; early morning jog & a green smoothie

IMG_20130326_203721 Tuesday night: Jay with Daddy & Mummy Williams; his parents

IMG_20130327_201952 Mid week drinks with the girls at a funky new “secret bar” called The Baxter Inn. It’s tough to find but once you’re there you won’t want to leave!

IMG_20130328_195222 since the imminent demise of google reader, I’ve gone all BlogLovin….

IMG_20130328_081216 another green smoothie

IMG_20130330_104145 and another! this time in my new carry container from

IMG_20130328_222542 Throw-back-Thursday; my BFF Gracie (left) & me circa 2004

IMG_20130330_152057 cooking up a barbie

IMG_20130329_131832 Friday Flowers on my table

IMG_20130329_090648 “wake up Mummy, it’s walkies time!” Harley says…

IMG_20130329_131556 Good Friday chillin in our crib…

IMG_20130329_143111 Try getting this stick back!

IMG_20130329_165823 Easter treats; hot cross buns & French Earl Grey tea (my favourite!)

IMG_20130329_234053 remembering our Paris trip….I want to go back!

IMG_20130330_184452 Date night; Old Fashioned fun at The Baxter Inn (I just HAD to take Jay!)

IMG_20130330_215429 and later on date night; Hoopla under the Big Top in Darling Harbour. It was super fun but a little weird when the trapeze artist got the shits with her clothing and took off her top mid-way through the routine! Flying boobies with the flying trapeze!

IMG_20130331_102120 Look what I got to wake up to this morning! Jay made me pancakes!!!
Gluten & wheat free pancakes too! Isn’t he grand…

IMG_20130331_111049 Ain’t it true!

Happy Easter Sunday xx

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what a week

Hello, sleep? this is Melly. I’m ready for you now!


I can barely keep my eyelids open as I write this. Hectic week… Jay was in Melbourne for work which meant keeping a house full of rolling guests (one lot departed as another arrived) entertained came down to me (thank God for the delights of Harley the born entertainer)!

20130308235929792Acting like big kids with Danny. My goofy favourite uncle!
Tuesday night we stayed til closing at the local Thai restaurant
drinking wine and talking.
Wednesday night we drank cocktails & shared sundaes with the sparkling city backdrop behind us…

20130310121842839 I managed to get a couple of solid workouts in!

20130310120612745 Reading love poetry & playing with a new filter…

20130310123459098 Still so obsessed with salads;
zucchini flowers
rocket, apple, walnuts & feta
spinach, pumpkin, beetroot, lentils & feta

20130307180956194 cocktails with colleagues


and a few more with friends


how can you not when your city shows off weather like this?!!
[pic via]

20130310120911423 Jay’s home! Saturday date night; Dreams In White play in Darlinghurst.

20130310121022513 And of course my little Harley boy…the fluffy love of our lives!

The last of our guests left this morning,
so now it’s time to do the washing & get back into our routine.
But first a little nap in the sun…

Happy Sunday!

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australia day

Aussie Love
Aussie Love

Aussies the world over celebrated Australia Day yesterday!

Our national day to commemorate the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Harbour in 1788 and contemporarily to catch up with friends & family to drink beers, go swimming, eat BBQ lamb & sausages and then watch fireworks somewhere!

We just celebrate everything that’s great & multicultural about our country!
And for the first time, the Indigenous & Australian flags were flown side by side on the Harbour Bridge!


Here’s my day….

cooling down with a Spider - creaming soda & icecream
cooling down with a Spider – creaming soda & icecream
the ferrython
the ferrython

pic [via]

lunchtime BBQ
lunchtime BBQ

Left: baby spinach, red cabbage, radish, fennel, pomegranate & balsamic
Right: green beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado, radish & flaxseed


NZ can have their pavlova, cause we’ve got the lamington!!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this delicious treat, it’s soft sponge layered with strawberry jam & cream and coated with chocolate then rolled in coconut. The BEST small cake in the universe…

vodka watermelon slushie
vodka watermelon slushie

well, what else am I going to do with a giant $4 watermelon???!!!

Darling Harbour fireworks
Darling Harbour fireworks

it’s a little blurry with excitement but you get the drift! lots of people, lots of fireworks!

midnight moon
midnight moon

shameless selfie
shameless selfie


I hope all the Aussies had a wonderful Australia Day!

For everyone else; happy weekend!

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meat tornado


After previously being a vegetarian for 3 years (in addition to several attempts on & off over the years) and the fact that I’m an Atheist,
it’s funny that one of my favourite sayings is
If God didn’t mean for us to eat animals they wouldn’t be made of meat!
So a couple of weeks ago, for date night (& treat meal) with the hubby, we went to Hurricanes Bar & Grill in Darling Harbour
to indulge our carnivorous side.
It was the great South African meatfest of 2012…

This is the eye of the meat tornado.
full rack of pork ribs with chips
It was a meatfest that I attempted and failed…
…half of it went on the hubby’s plate.