Summer in a glass; Fruity 5 Seeds Cider Cup

There’s not much more refreshing than an icy cold, crisp apple cider on a balmy Sydney summer’s eve.

In my little nook of the world, as the city traffic noise starts to wane, the golden glow of dusk streams through my apartment windows, my fave tunes waft over the stereo speakers, and my little shadow Harley the cavoodle excitedly follows my every move, it’s time for a refreshing cocktail. Nothing too complex; just good ingredients, and something with a clean & refreshing taste.

5 Seeds have released a new lower sugar cider, just in time for Aussie summer!

With the same clean, crisp apple taste, 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider is just as refreshing and satisfying as their other ciders, but with less sugar.

I’ve got an idea to pimp it up a little; adding vodka as it’s neutral flavour won’t interrupt the apple cider, and some summer fruit to compliment the apple theme and get it looking colourful in mason jars.


  • 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider; bottle per person
  • your fave vodka; 30ml per person
  • cubes of ice

summer fruit;

  • ripe mango, thinly sliced
  • plump passionfruit
  • slices of juicy watermelon
  • fat, round strawberries
  • green pear, sliced into wedges
  • white nectarine, sliced
  • crisp apple, sliced thin for the cup and thicker for garnish
  • ribbons of cucumber
  • sprigs of fragrant mint


  • in a mason jar or other glass, place ice, pour vodka, layer fruit then top with the sparkling 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider
  • garnish with mint, colourful stirrers threaded with apple & a festive straw
  • serve*

*best shared with a lover or friend overlooking the sunset

outtakes with Harley the cavoodle:

birthday week eats

last week i celebrated a birthday! i turned 40 minus 3. i also decided that i deserved to eat and drink special things cooked by other people and not in my kitchen.  here are a few delicious morsels i savoured for you…

birthday dinner @ Chiswick
birthday dinner @ Chiswick

a meal of delicious seafood at Matt Moran’s Chiswick.

twilight cocktails @ Bar 36
twilight cocktails @ Bar 36

i’ve always maintained that Bar 36 (aka Blu Horizon bar at the Shangri-la) makes the best vodka martini. a birthday martini is becoming my yearly tradition!


paleo-friendly brekkie @ the local
paleo-friendly brekkie @ the local

brekkie at Sotto in North Sydney

Veuve & blooms
Veuve & blooms

because birthday girls drink bubbles!

lunch @ Cooh
lunch @ Cooh

i read about this new organic, sustainable cafe (Cooh) and had to go! i had smoked trout with roasted beets, radish, goats feta mousse and a seed crisp. soooo good.

i’d definitely have a birthday week do over!!!

the owl house

Want the two best words of the week?

Date Night!

The Owl House in Darlinghurst is where we went for our date earlier this week.


Located just off Williams St, this little red terrace is cute & cosy; hosting a well stocked candlelit bar downstairs and a small dining room upstairs.

We had a special experience created by Lime & Tonic which was for a set 5 small-course meal which we kicked off at the bar;

starting off at the bar
starting off at the bar

tea lights in the little wall cracks
tea lights in the little wall cracks

I'd have to say I agree!
I’d have to say I agree!

We were then taken upstairs by the waitress Anna for our dinner

upstairs dining
upstairs dining

upstairs dining
upstairs dining

The terraces in Darlinghurst have a lot of history; the suburb was established in the 1830s and in recent years business owners are embracing the history of the area and the people who lived there through interior design that keeps in theme with the rich history of early Sydney.

My photos are a little dark, as I didn’t want to disrupt the ambiance (or embarrass Jay) with my phone’s gigantic flash! But you get the idea; Commonwealth influences, red walls, candles, recycled timber, etc.

course 1 | oyster with pepper citrus foam
course 1 | oyster with pepper citrus foam

course 2 | oxtail croquette on a bed of herbed mayo & watercress
course 2 | oxtail croquette on a bed of herbed mayo & watercress

course 3 | beetroot mousse with creme fraiche & snowpea tendrils
course 3 | beetroot mousse with creme fraiche celeriac coleslaw & snowpea tendrils

course 4 | veal medallion, brisket with walnut cracker topping on parsnip mash
course 4 | veal medallion, brisket with walnut cracker topping on parsnip mash with roasted yellow beetroot & shredded silverbeet

course 5 | chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb with a little chocolate & almond brownie
course 5 | chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb with a little chocolate & almond brownie

The food was an exciting surprise (we didn’t know what the menu held for us) and the dining room is intimate and candlelit, making for a romantic night out!

If you can, I recommend you head over there for an after work beverage or dinner with a girlfriend/mate/date!

‘Best Bar with Food’ winner: 2012 SMH Good Food Guide. The Owl House Darlinghurst is for superb food, or spoiling yourself with a cocktail for grown-ups.

Check out their website for details

what a week

Hello, sleep? this is Melly. I’m ready for you now!


I can barely keep my eyelids open as I write this. Hectic week… Jay was in Melbourne for work which meant keeping a house full of rolling guests (one lot departed as another arrived) entertained came down to me (thank God for the delights of Harley the born entertainer)!

20130308235929792Acting like big kids with Danny. My goofy favourite uncle!
Tuesday night we stayed til closing at the local Thai restaurant
drinking wine and talking.
Wednesday night we drank cocktails & shared sundaes with the sparkling city backdrop behind us…

20130310121842839 I managed to get a couple of solid workouts in!

20130310120612745 Reading love poetry & playing with a new filter…

20130310123459098 Still so obsessed with salads;
zucchini flowers
rocket, apple, walnuts & feta
spinach, pumpkin, beetroot, lentils & feta

20130307180956194 cocktails with colleagues


and a few more with friends


how can you not when your city shows off weather like this?!!
[pic via]

20130310120911423 Jay’s home! Saturday date night; Dreams In White play in Darlinghurst.

20130310121022513 And of course my little Harley boy…the fluffy love of our lives!

The last of our guests left this morning,
so now it’s time to do the washing & get back into our routine.
But first a little nap in the sun…

Happy Sunday!

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