weeknight feeds | chicken cacciatore 

I love the simplicity of this dish; not only is it super quick and easy to make but it bursts with delicious Italian flavours! It’s a one pan weeknight wonder! Just adjust the ingredients for however many people you’re feeding. Ingredients: 8 chicken thighs a punnet of cherry tomatoes 1 cup deseeded kalamata olives 4Continue reading “weeknight feeds | chicken cacciatore “

citrus roast chicken | recipe

I love these Autumn days. Cool, sunny weather encourages us to get outside and stroll barefoot on the grass and then head back into the warm comfort of the kitchen when the temperature & sun goes down. Ive gotten the slow-cooker out of storage and have been making a few more roasts in the oven. IContinue reading “citrus roast chicken | recipe”

kitchen | moroccan spiced roast chicken & cauliflower barley salad

This recipe just dropped into my inbox and it looks too delicious not to share! It’s a beautiful, seasonally transitional dish, perfect for a long lazy weekend lunch or relaxing evening meal. Who can go past the fragrant Morrocan spices? I certainly cant! Moroccan Spiced Roast Chicken with Cauliflower & Barley Salad Ingredients: 1 tspContinue reading “kitchen | moroccan spiced roast chicken & cauliflower barley salad”

chicken, sweet potato & pinenut frittata | recipe

 Chicken, sweet potato, mushroom & pinenut tartlet  Chicken, mushroom, pinenut & sage tartlet I got inspired to do some last weekend for the week’s meals ahead! Here is the recipe for my original creation! CHICKEN, SWEET POTATO & PINENUT FRITTATA INGREDIENTS 4 eggs ½ cup light cream ½ cup grated cheese (Havarti is good) 1Continue reading “chicken, sweet potato & pinenut frittata | recipe”

chicken salad with cranberries, apple & feta | recipe

There is nothing more joyful & holistic than a healthy salad packed with colour. I love to mix fruit & nuts in with my lean protein & greens. It’s one way to make sure you don’t get bored with salad day in, day out. Here is one I made for yesterday’s lunch. Chicken salad with cranberries,Continue reading “chicken salad with cranberries, apple & feta | recipe”

chicken with haloumi & honey

Being a long standing fan of Donna Hay, I bought her latest cookbook fast, fresh and simple during the Christmas sales. I’m so glad I did! The recipes are just as the title suggests and it seems that Donna’s mammoth weight loss has influenced her recipes because they are a lot lighter in butter &Continue reading “chicken with haloumi & honey”