I have many guilty pleasures in the form of mind-numbing, frivolous but fabulous TV shows that I watch to relax. Gossip Girl is one of my favorites. They’re gorgeous & have fabulous fashion sense! I wish I could raid Serena & Blair’s closet… I’m obsessed! check out their layout in the Rolling Stone magazine and checkContinue reading “xoxo”

Screen Actors Guild Awards | fashion best & worst

I simply love awards season; because of all the great movies that are up for review & accolades, but mostly because of the awards show fashion! Here are my favourite looks of the red carpet fashion at the 2011 SAG awards   I love this dress! She looks simple, fresh & stunning! Mila looks fantasticContinue reading “Screen Actors Guild Awards | fashion best & worst”

red carpet at Golden Globes 2011

I never watch the full awards show; I spend half the time cringing at the acceptance speeches …although I loved Robert Downey Jnr’s presentation blurb and Natalie Portman’s acceptance speech! However, I never miss the Red Carpet coverage! Here are my picks for best dressed at this years Golden Globes: First place is a tie betweenContinue reading “red carpet at Golden Globes 2011”

six degrees of Kevin Bacon

One random Sydney girl (thats me!) & the six degrees of Kevin Bacon! OK – so I love Kevin Bacon and a few years ago I realised that I had 6 degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon! Here goes: In 1996 I meet Simon Baker(-Denny at that time) at a party (his brother-in-law is a highContinue reading “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”

the best of Paris Fashion Week

Each year the world of fashion waits for the mother of all fashion shows – Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. From my desk in Sydney, wearing chain-store threads, this seems a parallel-universe away…. seemingly glamorous and debonaire. Where’s my Genie when I need her? I wish I was in Paris! I wish I was wearing Lanvin! In my opinion,Continue reading “the best of Paris Fashion Week”