my week in pictures

my new fave tshirt; treś jolie is very happy

Jay & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary earlier this week and he bought me these beautiful flowers

there’s just something about giant chess pieces! these are at Jay’s work

Harley being the crazy hyper dog that he is!

the new addition to my wall art collection; I call him El Toro and he is made of resin (not a real steer skull)!

salad in a jar is a beautiful thing! you layer it with all your fave green healthy goodies and put the dressing on the bottom, then come lunchtime you tip it into a bowl and it’s fresh, crunchy & tasty! In other healthy food related news, I’m onto my last day of Whole30, which is super exciting because it means that (1) I actually stuck to the entire program (2) I learnt some great things about my relationship to food and the kinds of food I want to be eating and (3) I can’t wait to have a glass of bubbles tomorrow!!!!

this is a photo I took when we were holidaying in Fiji, but I’m wanderlusting over a tropical holiday and getting all excited about our planned trip to Hawaii next year. It may be a full year away til that trip, but you can never tire looking at tropical beaches & turquoise waters….

hope you’re week was awesome 💋

adventure day

I’m on holidays this week because there comes a point when you just need some downtime off work for no reason other than your own sanity’s sake.

Today Harley & I drove out of the city on an adventure for some ‘earth time’ and here’s what we got up to







 The Stanwell Tops Lookout wasn’t busy considering it is a week day. A local hang-glider was waiting for some wind so we chatted while his dog Pup the cavoodle and Harley (the cavoodle) had an impromptu play date! I ate my little picnic overlooking the bluest ocean and lay on the grass breathing in the warm salty air.

We continued on into the National Park where the sun was shining, the spring air was warm and scented by wattle trees. We discovered a little river and spotted two water dragons sunning themselves.

Content with a day out of the hustle & bustle of city life, we started the hour and a half long drive back, Harley with his furry little head eternally hanging out the window and me singing my heart out to Coldplay on the stereo.


amazing grace


Today I am thankful for
– good friends –
– The Grounds coffee –
– jam filled donuts –
– sharing Gracie’s birthday –
– Matthew Graham music –

– Harley’s licks –
– winter sunshine –
– afternoon naps –
– shellac manicure –
– last sleep without the hubby –


today was my BFF Grace’s birthday! she drove down from Newcastle last night so we could wake up together today and celebrate! I took her to one of my fave Sydney cafes The Grounds for breakfast.


mmmmm, breakfast board; in-house baked sourdough, poached eggs, ham, fresh tomato & basil, avocado and pesto & feta. plus coffee and the yummiest juice of apple, pear & mint.


the lemonade & strawberry stand outside the cafe in their ‘grounds’


beautiful blooms & tasty pastry treats


happy Harley after a long game of fetch in the park


dusk over the city


snuggling up to my buddy; Melly & Harley

whats black and furry and full of energy?

Harley of course!

I must admit he’s a little spoilt. To break up his loneliness when we’re doing long hours at work, his dog walker collects him for long dirty rumbles with his dog buddies in the park! They tweet their pictures during the day so I can see what my little monster gets up too. Here’s a few pics courtesy of @Happy_Pets_

Harley is the one in black.

1355214887 1371539609 1374061488 1374061521 1374061550

And then here’s a few pictures I took where he doesn’t look like a filthy mongrel!!!

CameraZOOM-20130117230057463 IMG_0013 PSE10 6162013233955 51520138230

Don’t you have a killer case of puppy love?!!!

Harley photo bomb!


Twice a week, while we’re at work, our little Harley monster gets picked up by his dog walkers Happy Pets and roams the parks in Sydney
with his pack of furry pals!

They tweet his adventures so overzealous loving owners (like us) can see what he’s been up to (and why he smells so bad when we get home)!!!

Above is the pic from Tuesday this week; Harley photo-bombing his buddy Bugsy in Centennial Park. Pure gold Harley, pure gold!

weekend = bliss

what a wonderful weekend.

blue skies
sun shining
Harley in the park
friends sleepover
dinner @ Gallon
tapas & 
(too many) drinks
chocolate fondue
family time 

shameless selfie
shameless selfie
salmon, avocado, tomato, capers & basil
lunch – salmon, avocado, tomato, capers & basil
Friday blooms on my table
Friday blooms on my table
Chivas to the freakin weekend! (I'll drink to that)
Chivas to the freakin weekend! (I’ll drink to that)
perfect Saturday morning in the park
perfect Saturday morning in the park
Sydney Writer's Festival; seeing Carlos Ruiz Zafon talk about his novels
Sydney Writer’s Festival; seeing Carlos Ruiz Zafon talk about his novels

[pic from Neen]

afternoon snack; paleo coconut pancake with sheep's milk yoghut & dragonfruit
afternoon snack; paleo coconut pancake with sheep’s milk yoghut & dragonfruit
drinks that turned into dinner @ Gallon, Pyrmont
drinks that turned into dinner @ Gallon, Pyrmont
our dinner date; fave couple Ian & Neen
our dinner date; fave couple Ian & Neen
still drinking...
still drinking…

[pic from Neen]

I love this man....Jay & I
I love this man….Jay & I
Harley bear...
Harley bear…

this afternoon we had a horrible scare with Harley; out of the blue he had a seizure. He fell over with his legs all stiff, his jaw locked shut, eyes wide open and his head shaking. Jay held him while I called the vet who talked us through it until Harley came out of the seizure. He was drooling and still shaking on the way to the vet. Dr Nathan, who also has a little cavoodle, gave him a thorough check-up before giving him the OK and instructions for us to keep an eye on him and to remove any possible toxins from his environment (eg access to the ground coffee beans we put on the potted herb plants on the balcony). He may never have a seizure again, but then he could develop epilepsy.  But he’s OK now and back to his usual self, we just have to watch and hope for the best.

beautiful Harley
beautiful Harley – lying on me!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!