birthday week eats

last week i celebrated a birthday! i turned 40 minus 3. i also decided that i deserved to eat and drink special things cooked by other people and not in my kitchen.  here are a few delicious morsels i savoured for you… a meal of delicious seafood at Matt Moran’s Chiswick. i’ve always maintained thatContinue reading “birthday week eats”

thirty six trips around the sun

Today is my last as a 35 year old. While I don’t usually get philosophical about birthdays, I would like to reflect on my last rotation around the sun… This past year has seen a lot of change in my life and realisation of what changes need to be made in order to reach my/ourContinue reading “thirty six trips around the sun”

a third of a century

I turned 33 yesterday & it was an epic celebration! The night before, a quiet drink after work with the girls turned into a seven hour alco-thon with me & the guys left standing (barely) at the end of the night. I managed to avoid tuning into a pumpkin by getting home at 11:45pm.  MyContinue reading “a third of a century”