music monday | chet faker

If you read my post yesterday you’d have seen I’ve been blasting Chet Faker on my iPod constantly… I’ve been listening to him since mid-last year when his debut album Thinking in Textures launched but then moved on to other new stuff, recently got a craving for his tunes and have reignited my obsession with this Melbourne future-beat/soul-electronica artist…so I thought I’d share with you because I know you need something awesome to kickoff your working week!

This is my favourite track.

chet faker

My current musical obsession.

A bearded beatsmith from Melbourne.

Nicholas James Murphy aka Chet Faker.

I read somewhere that Chet’s songs sound like he’s crushed up some valium and sprinkled it on his morning toast…it’s definitely music for a chillout session.

And his debut; a cover of Blackstreet’s hit No Diggity makes 90’s hiphop cool again! But it’s his debut EP Thinking in Textures” that has the most beautiful original mixes, proves that the 23 year old has a great career ahead of him.

It’s a musical mixed bag of night time, jazz infused, laid back, down beat, electro post-dubstep. Brilliant!

and an original