music monday | chet faker

If you read my post yesterday you’d have seen I’ve been blasting Chet Faker on my iPod constantly… I’ve been listening to him since mid-last year when his debut album Thinking in Textures launched but then moved on to other new stuff, recently got a craving for his tunes and have reignited my obsession with this MelbourneContinue reading “music monday | chet faker”

chet faker

My current musical obsession. A bearded beatsmith from Melbourne. Nicholas James Murphy aka Chet Faker. I read somewhere that Chet’s songs sound like he’s crushed up some valium and sprinkled it on his morning toast…it’s definitely music for a chillout session. And his debut; a cover of Blackstreet’s hit No Diggity makes 90’s hiphop cool again! ButContinue reading “chet faker”