|melbourne adventures|

Melbourne city is one of my favourites. It feels a little eastern European; with it’s cobbled stone streets, artistic laneways overflowing with cafes and Parisian-esque chairs & tables on the sidewalk facing the street so you can people watch, the wide, sleepy Yarra river that runs through the south city and not to mention theContinue reading “|melbourne adventures|”

his + hers | christmas gifts under $100

it’s almost shameful to admit, but i’m not a christmas person at all! maybe it’s because my mum is so overly christmassy (think flashing Santa earrings, lots of decorations, planning/shopping/cooking for days & a gigantic tree) and i don’t have kids to decorate for or maybe it’s just not my thing. anyway, now that i’veContinue reading “his + hers | christmas gifts under $100”

my week in pictures

my new fave tshirt; treś jolie is very happy Jay & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary earlier this week and he bought me these beautiful flowers there’s just something about giant chess pieces! these are at Jay’s work Harley being the crazy hyper dog that he is! the new addition to my wall artContinue reading “my week in pictures”

friday finds

 Isn’t this beautiful?! Just reminds us how amazingly short and precious LIFE is. Live.Love.Create.Leave it better than you found it.Make it count.  Scorched desert sand beneath your soles. Run through the shadows of the night. Surrender yourself until the sun’s first light. You’re breathless with beauty. The Olgas Central Australia. Whatever will be will be.  AurélieContinue reading “friday finds”

the dirty grimy eccentric artistic underbelly of sydney

Convict gaol, Royal Navy shipbuilding & dockyard and reformatory girls school turned World-Heritage listed cultural arts centre. Cockatoo Island was off limits to the public for over a 100 years but what we lost in time we now make up for in awesomeness! Spectacular harbour views, repurposed industrial buildings, street-food, holiday-feel makeshift bars, accommodation fromContinue reading “the dirty grimy eccentric artistic underbelly of sydney”

this week | in instagram

 making Skinny Cow icecream into a pretty treat!  circa 2010 @ South Coast Bawley Beach; Harley’s first trip away Jay, my hot Monday night date; late dinner after seeing an FBiRadio presents ‘The Imposter’ movie Amber!!! Had to take this picture of Amber Valletta for Coach at the QVB on George St to send to my friend Tam.Continue reading “this week | in instagram”

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer @ the MCA

I think the purpose of art is to make you feel…to make you think…; of your surroundings, of places you’ve never visited, things you’ve never imagined, other people’s experiences, a different perspective, it raises emotions, can make your heart skip a beat and your soul sigh. It connects you. To your surroundings, the physical and metaphysical,Continue reading “Rafael Lozano-Hemmer @ the MCA”