Melly thinks;

  • Sydney doesnt have enough German language classes on weeknights
  • the dark is scary
  • its very frustrating that Jay never reads the manual
  • that her brother is sometimes an idiot
  • that Bunnings is trying to drag her into its malicious seductive web
  • Jay takes too long in the shower
  • duck tastes yummy
  • bloody mary’s are good with breakfast
  • its only 62 sleeps til Fiji!!!
  • that the citris splitzer plant is ridiculously expensive
  • that Bunnings is cheaper than Eden
  • that Hamish makes her laugh so hard she almost pees a little bit
  • that white on white is better than cream on eggshell
  • that custom frames are expensive
  • that her piano is pretty; like black beauty
  • Jay’s fear of doctors is amusing
  • its unseasonably cold
  • she cant wait to watch Jay & Ian gorge themselves on schnitzel next week! Go, schnitzel challenge, go!
  • is full of fantastical and beautiful treasures
  • coffee from Morso is gooooood
  • liebe is beautiful
  • that resistance is futile, Janine! embrace digits starting with the number 3!
  • its a tragedy that when she’s clumsy, she’s mega clumsy and her world starts crashing around her in huge plumes of broken-phone and pots-of spilt-SKII smoke
  • that the dark is extra scary when Jay is working away late at night. And the spiders seem bigger.
  • Muriel Barbury is a beautiful writer

meine liebe

I feel as if Ive been bullied into wordpress!

I am a relatively new blogger, but Ive been using Blogspot on Blogger….and according to my husband the reason I only have a handful of followers (I can literally count them on one hand) is because “nobody reads Blogspot, everyone I know uses WordPress”.

So here I am. On WordPress. My love. For the world to see.