new gadget | htc trophy

I’m obsessed with my new phone!
I guess it’s not so new now considering I’ve had it for a month, but I love it!

HTC Trophy

I’ve customised it with the hot pink theme so it looks girly but it’s still functional!

it has a 8Gb phone storage.

5mp camera

awesome app store with loads of free apps
– games (angry birds!)
– WordPress & other social apps
– fitness
–  list making (joy!)
…to name a few…

Facebook / Twitter apps that plugin to your contacts so you can see their status as well as their contact info

the general work apps like Outlook, Corporate Directory etc

runs Windows Phone 7 OS

fantastic media player for listening to heaps of music

HTC media hub


4 pines hefeweizen | tried & tested

Do re mi beer!
Sing to the tune of “Doe A Deer”

DOUGH… the stuff…that buys me beer…
RAY….. the guy that sells me beer…
ME…… the guy… who drinks the beer,
FAR….. the distance to my beer
SO…… I think I’ll have a beer…
LA…… La la la la la la beer
TEA….. no thanks, I’m drinking beer…
That will bring us back to…(Looks into an empty glass)

I don’t consider myself a big beer drinker but I definitely enjoy a beer or two now and again. I mostly drink pilsner, pale lagers and wheat beer (ales).

Which brings me to a new beer I discovered on the weekend with my cousin Matt and his girlfriend Jules. 

pic from their website

Based in Manly, this micro brewery was established in 2008.

Their company logo is based on the Norfolk Pine Tree and it’s history; which Captain James Cook discovered in 1774 when he discovered and named Norfolk Island. The tree is native to Norfolk but were planted along the Manly coastline in the 1850’s.

In 1941, four (4) of the Pines were removed from the foreshore to install machine gun emplacements to protect our shores during WWII. A plaque at the site on one of the stumps reads”

“This and three other trees were removed for defence purposes in December 1941 when these shores were threatened with invasion. Their absence is a reminder of the many greater sacrifices made to preserve this fair land for the people of Australia”. 

pic from their website

Over the years deforestation for development and toxicity from pollution have impacted the Manly Norfolk Pines, so in 1994 the Manly Pines were placed on the National Estate. The 4 Pines local brewery pays homage to this history while making a grande entrance into the brewery scene!

According to their website, their mantra is to create “handcrafted beer brewed naturally”. They abide by the German beer purity laws, which mean the beer only has 4 ingredients: hops, water, yeast & malt.

I find that these 4 ingredients are rarely put together well with micro-breweries, but 4 Pines is a beautiful exception. 

The beer is cloudy and pale in appearance. It has a hint of sweetness along with the characteristic hop-iness of  the wheat. The alcohol content is 5.2% for the 330ml bottle. I find the after-taste has a slight spiciness. Overall it’s smooth and light and really easy pleasurable drinking. I am a convert!

Restaurant & brewery onsite (I’ve gotta go!): 
29/43-45 East Esplanade Manly NSW 2095 

tried & tested | hard lollies

One of the great memories I have of my childhood is driving in the car with my Grandad. He would always have those little tins of hard boiled lollies and I would sit up the front in the middle of their Holden stationwagon and hold the little tin like it was a sacred prize and we’d just drive and every so often have a lolly.

I am a huge fan of gummy lollies but generally not one of the hard rock candy, but sometimes the jars and tins just look too pretty not to buy!

I saw these cute little jars from Opera Foods “The Lolly Shop” in Peter’s of Kensington and got them for a bargain of $4 a jar.

Raspberry Drops

these delightful little drops of hard boiled candy have a fruity taste and tangy kick; they have sherbert throughout so it kinda tingles the whole time you’re sucking on them. they are pretty & delicious! what more could you want?!

Rosey Apple Bits

these pillow shaped rock candies are smooth and syrupy sweet all the way through. when you’re nearing the end and can’t help yourself in chewing, they delicately crunch away like little shards of delicious fibreglass!

Opera Foods “the lolly shop” | made in australia | Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia