◊ Today was cold and rainy. Which started me daydreaming about returning to Tokoriki Island in Fiji. I’m remembering crystal blue water, huge friendly smiles, the softest ocean breeze rustling the palms, waking to the sound of gentle waves lapping and gulls chatting, reading my book stretched out on a swinging hammock, playing long games […]

cakes for harmony day

Last week, the 21st March, was Harmony Day; an initiative by the Australian Government to remind us of our multicultural society and the differences that define us is what joins us as Australians. We have over 40 different cultural backgrounds at my workplace, so to celebrate we held a morning tea, where people could bring in food […]

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer @ the MCA

I think the purpose of art is to make you feel…to make you think…; of your surroundings, of places you’ve never visited, things you’ve never imagined, other people’s experiences, a different perspective, it raises emotions, can make your heart skip a beat and your soul sigh. It connects you. To your surroundings, the physical and metaphysical, […]

Luminous | Celebrating 50 Years of The Australian Ballet

In October The Australian Ballet is celebrating 50 years! To celebrate, they are releasing a special collection of photographs in a mammoth coffee-table style book that my friend Mandy has designed & published (for global publishing house Imago)! The book’s description from their website is: “Luminous captures 50 years of The Australian Ballet in photographs, revealing […]

did you know?

I learnt something fascinating this week! If you haven’t seen it before, let me introduce you to the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish It is the largest known species of Jellyfish on earth. It’s seldom found further than 42°N latitude meaning it’s confined to the waters around the Artic, northen Atlantic and northern Pacific oceans. According to Wikipedia, […]