about life

Dear Diary, This week has been exceptionally difficult. Jay’s Dad took a turn for the worst. We thought death would take him, consumed by cancer. Jay flew up to be by his bedside on Monday morning. After missing the day’s only flight to Hervey Bay he managed to catch one to Maroochydore, hire a car andContinue reading “about life”

wild at heart

Her wild tangled hair, wearing a halo of  evening sunlight like a majestic crown, goes haywire, when a sudden guest of wind, in the manner of a lusty lover play with it, in every which way one can imagine. Waves of scent, of freshly cut lemongrass, emanating from her auburn tresses, light wild fire in hisContinue reading “wild at heart”

wednesday words | a little duck

With a little bit of luck A duck Will come into your life. When you are at the peak Of your great powers, And your achievement towers Like a smoking chimney stack There’ll be a quack And right there at your feet A little duck will stand; She will take you by the hand AndContinue reading “wednesday words | a little duck”

wednesday words

It’s not often I get emotionally intimate on my blog, but earlier this week I came across a beautiful quote that I texted to my younger brother who has been going through a hard time. He’s had a tough year; struggled with heartbreak from a girl he thought he was going to marry, emotional turbulenceContinue reading “wednesday words”

i am superwoman (yes you are)

When I think back to my adolescent wishes for the future, and about the woman I imagined I’d become, I realise that my teen ambitions were superficial aspirations; lofty ideas based on proclamations such as “when I grow up I’m going to be a millionaire/Mrs Mulder/Mrs Furlong/Jacques Cousteau’s research assistant“…. While most of those thingsContinue reading “i am superwoman (yes you are)”

a week with instagram

Pictures posted to Instagram this week [thisismelly on instagram] L-R Monday breakfast at a client site Monday evening margaritas on our balcony Tuesday Halloween decorations in a pub window Tuesday walking home from boxing with Jay Wednesday lunch Thursday breakfast Thursday sunset over the bay Thursday night dinner Friday morning boxing on the harbour FridayContinue reading “a week with instagram”