//tea + vogue//

“you can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing” – unknown Phoebe Tonkin & Teresa Palmer for Vogue Australia March 2015 on the iPad The Seventh Duchess Peace tea blend Lovisa wooden ring & earrings The Horse watch Grown Alchemist hand cream  

//melly files//

CITY LIMITS I moved to Sydney when I was 20. I dropped out of university to followed my heart. My parents were upset, but I had always been an independent kid. It paid off though, I worked my way up the corporate ladder and I married that guy; my high-school sweetheart. MY VALENTINE I’m not really intoContinue reading “//melly files//”

|melbourne adventures|

Melbourne city is one of my favourites. It feels a little eastern European; with it’s cobbled stone streets, artistic laneways overflowing with cafes and Parisian-esque chairs & tables on the sidewalk facing the street so you can people watch, the wide, sleepy Yarra river that runs through the south city and not to mention theContinue reading “|melbourne adventures|”

happy new year!

It’s 2.30am and I’ve just crawled into bed from a New Years Eve party with friends. The Sydney fireworks were the best they’ve been in years and for in as long as I can remember it didn’t rain! Although our night didn’t turn out exactly as planned (I expected to be waaaay more drunk andContinue reading “happy new year!”

i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds

I’m on the road to recovery with my flu! I felt well enough to be out & about with the hordes of people in the throws of their last minute Christmas panic, but I still haven’t been hit with the Christmas Spirit! Jay & I had breakfast at Cornerstone this morning where Harley was dotedContinue reading “i heart holidays | eyelashes & old fashioneds”

my awesome pink holiday hair!!!

I’ve been waiting all year to have enough time off work to dye my hair (temporarily) pink! Today is the day and now it’s done!!! Pink dip-dye in fushsia pink by Elly at Sam Overton Salon, Paddington. #hairbyelly Happy ‘week before Christmas’! Love a very happy Melly xx

his + hers | christmas gifts under $100

it’s almost shameful to admit, but i’m not a christmas person at all! maybe it’s because my mum is so overly christmassy (think flashing Santa earrings, lots of decorations, planning/shopping/cooking for days & a gigantic tree) and i don’t have kids to decorate for or maybe it’s just not my thing. anyway, now that i’veContinue reading “his + hers | christmas gifts under $100”