to a lifetime of adventure and wandering this glorious blue planet, to bellies full of fabulous food and delicious wine, a team of adorable giggling babies and mad beautiful chaos, to seizing every single moment and collapsing exhausted and happy at each sunset and awaking renewed in each other at each sunrise, to drinking onlyContinue reading “lifetime”

it’s a love story | clare & james

While I haven’t posted one for a while, last year saw Love Stories from The Dawes, The Jacksons and our story! I’m going to kick off the 2012 season with the story about James’ marriage proposal to his gorgeous Clare. James is a work buddy and a fellow Project Manager. When we’re not stealing eachContinue reading “it’s a love story | clare & james”

it’s a love story | Janine & Ian

This next story in the “it’s a love story” series is about my husband’s good friend Ian and his beautiful wife Janine. aka E and Neen. The four of us all went to the same high school and I was actually friends with Ian before I was friends with Jay, before we started dating. IContinue reading “it’s a love story | Janine & Ian”

it’s a love story | tamara & leon

Need to Know Prelude Notes:  Tamara is one of my oldest and closest friends. She’s always been a little shy and aloof, but she was the first girl at Avondale to invite me over for a play date when I arrived in year 3. We’ve had some serious hang out time over the past 23Continue reading “it’s a love story | tamara & leon”

it’s a love story | mel & jay

The first time I met Jay was in 1994 when my BFF stole his hat and ran around the high school courtyard refusing to give it back. Back then he was known as “Jono” (it’s a looong story)! I was definitely uninterested considering he was in the year below. Nothing much came out of thatContinue reading “it’s a love story | mel & jay”