a little story about a pot

i want to share a little story with you about this beautiful Balinese pot

it was 1998 and I had just arrived in Sydney from my hometown near Newcastle. I dropped out of uni to follow a boy who had my heart (and many years later would become my husband), to the big city. we moved in together; which at the time meant living with cousins or in a friend’s garage until we had enough money to get our own place.

taking my lunch break one day, I spotted this beautiful oversized Balinese urn in a little homewares store on Darling St in Balmain. I fell in love. It took me 3 months to pay it off and then I took it home in the front passenger seat of my car wrapped tight by the seatbelt. it was my very first homewares purchase.

it’s travelled with us to all the places we’ve lived in the last 17 years. we’ve always taken such good care of it that it’s only had a minor broken handle, which we glued back together. but over time my decor tastes have changed and tonight it found a new home.

a lovely English man, who just bought his first home with his wife and baby, came to pick it up. I feel a little sad as I write this little farewell ode to my Balinese pot, but I’m so glad it’s found a new loving home!

5 thoughts on “a little story about a pot

  1. What a lovely story Melly. I’m feeling all sentimental just reading it. Such a poignant and wonderful memory.

    Over the years, as I have moved so much from country to country and back again (ha!), Lina and I have gotten rid of things/given things away time and again. And the most beautiful thing is knowing that this beloved thing that we once had with us will be moving on to another person. Luckily, we have dear people who sometimes even send us photos or tell us how they think of us every time they use whatever they got from us.

    I think it’s perfect that the young man and his little family have now been given the gift of your beautiful pot. xoxo

    1. So very true Liz!! While moving is up there as one of the most stressful events in life, it’s also a great time to purge!!!
      Hope the Swedish summer is treating you well; all your pics are just so fun and beautiful xx

  2. I never knew the story of this pot. Somehow I always thought it was from Samoa or NZ and that it belonged to Jay.

    How nice that you didn’t just chuck it and that’s it’s gone to another nice home.

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