happy new year!

It’s 2.30am and I’ve just crawled into bed from a New Years Eve party with friends.

The Sydney fireworks were the best they’ve been in years and for in as long as I can remember it didn’t rain!

Although our night didn’t turn out exactly as planned (I expected to be waaaay more drunk and a third of our group went home sick about 9.30pm) we had a great night at The Greens in North Sydney eating delicious food, drinking champagne and dancing up a storm!

I hope your night was wonderful, and for those on the other side of the globe if your just starting, then you have an epic one! Wake up with or without a hangover and get ready for 2015!!!


//photo credit from @Australia//

//photo credit @thegreensnorthsydney//

//photo credit @sydney//

My Photo Capture!

//photo credit @sydney//

This Guy; My Husband

Channelling the 90’s; Our Wrist Glow Bands!

Happy New Year from The Williams ❤️